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Sedona UFO Tour Guide's depiction of prejudice
Prejudice Jones

So, did you ever have someone harass you on social media? And did you ever have them call you a “fraud” or “charlatan” without ever experiencing what it is they claim to be fraudulent? It can be a very frustrating and aggravating experience. You know, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide hasn’t had one person ever say that they didn’t see a UFO on the tour. Everyone has. I haven’t had one person not realize the possibility that I actually was contacted by three 8-foot ETs. I’m not saying everyone believes me, but they at least realize the possibility that I am conveying what I know to be true.

How does one convince prejudice to open its mind?

That might be an ET-only possibility, but the Sedona UFO Tour Guide shares the truth as I know it. I will NOT mislead or tell lies for any amount of money. That’s why I had to start doing this on my own. There are those in the Sedona Community who will make things up and tell you you’re seeing things that you aren’t. One will even give you goggles that see two different locations out of each eye. They think their clients won’t notice. I can’t do that. When you get information from the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, you’re getting the best analysis that someone with ground, air, and space experience can give you. I’m a pilot, a scientist, a contactee, and see the world at 30 frames per second with a photographic memory, so I’m a good witness, and a good experiential historian.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide with goggles

I’m ready to answer your questions. Let’s settle your challenges, and provide you information that you need to get up your path toward ascension. On top of that, you’ll get to see UFOs with your own eyes, not just on my videos.

Make a reservation. Come on the tour. Ask me something…anything. It’ll be fun!


If you like to keep up on the latest photos, videos, and potential evidence of visits from all kinds of extra-terrestrials, I strongly recommend watching Tyler at SecureTeam10’s YouTube channel.

While he usually covers the bigger stories you see elsewhere, he also covers little clues that most of the others miss. Is he 100%? No. No one is, but if you’re looking for dots that may or may not align with what you already know to either corroborate or challenge what you know, Tyler’s channel is a must see. It’s definitely recommended by your Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Click here to go to the Secure Team YouTube channel.

ET is here in the thousands to watch “the event.” Are you prepared?