Answer for Ms. Key (part II)

Viewing site of Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Guests
From the UFO Tour site to the Mystery Lights is Nine Miles as the Crow Flies

On my Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour on the night of 11/10/18, a young lady was fascinated by lights appearing and disappearing on a bluff 9 miles away, where there are no houses, no paved roads, or any resorts in the boonies. I wrote a post about it on this site on 11/11/18. I didn’t have the answers to those lights until now.

Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with their Big-Boy Binoculars
Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Their Big-Boy-Binoculars

While another Sedona UFO Tour company will tell you it’s UFO’s landing on the mountain, the truth is not nearly so dramatic. My good friend Anton, from A.S. Security & Surveillance in Toronto, decided he’d accompany me on an adventure to discover the source of these lights. As usual, once my investigator’s hat is on, the truth is revealed. We brought our BIG BOY BINOCULARS with us (note mine are BIGGER than his!)

Sedona UFO Tour Guide Mystery Lights Location
Looking Back To UFO Tour Location from Cliff of Mystery Lights

We found an amazing view from that cliff, for sure! With Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Shipwreck, and Thunder Mountain all visible in a single scene, it is truly one of the most amazing views in the Sedona area. Did I mention we had to travel about 45 miles to arrive at that 9 mile distance?

What we also found, is all along the edge of that cliff are County-created firepits! Yes, stone firepits dot that entire overlook, and though we actually stopped at only 3 places along the route, every stop had a firepit, and the ones we encountered were wet on top with partially burned wood, so almost every night, someone is out there having a great time camping, and inadvertently messing with those in the area with night vision goggles!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide in a Swing on the Mystery Lights Cliff
Sedona UFO Tour Guide Loves to Interact With Nature

At one of the stops we even found a swing with a view. I couldn’t help myself, and of course, Anton had to take a picture to show that I’m not ALWAYS serious! Come out on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour. You will see UFOs, learn a thing or two about our real Space Program, and have a fun time. I guarantee it!

Dimensions of Disclosure!

This past weekend’s Dimensions of Disclosure in Ventura, California, held the most amazing collection of people. They have dedicated some part of their past, all of their present, and however much of their future it takes, to get the truth of what’s REALLY happening to all people. The love for humanity’s potential could be felt the second you walked into the Marriott there in Ventura.

The number of both UFO researcher and experiencer speakers is always growing. Other topics formerly censored are now open. Dimensions of Disclosure was a snapshot of the “truth industry” for 2019. With Robert David Steel, Laura Eisenhower, the Edge of Wonder staff, and dozens more including David Wilcock and Corey Goode, the panels were amazing, the info was flowing, and awareness is growing!

Jordan Sather & Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure 2019
Jordan Sather with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure

One of my favorites is Jordan Sather. Jordan is an amazing young man with a really good memory and a serious passion for the dissemination of truth over dogma and propaganda. He excels in his explanations of the sham that is the VAK SEEN industry, and is well versed in Q. He seems to have a really good grasp on anatomy & physiology. This could be from his gym-assistant past. His clock speed is VERY high, and though young, he is not green by any means! Watch him on YouTube (Destroying the Illusion) and at He is an info-powerhouse of the near future.

UFO Researchers and Experiencers

The UFO Community is basically divided into two groups; there are UFO Researchers and Experiencers. The two are usually separate, which can cause a lack of detail in the bigger picture. Each has specific resources available to them, but neither is usually able to bring both worlds together with a fuller understanding.

UFO Researchers
Stanton Friedman

The RESEARCHER is the one who interviews those who have encounters, those who are first-hand witnesses to ships, ETs, and everything off-worldly. Sometimes, the researcher wants to put their own spin on what others have told them. Without the actual experience, some things just can’t be fully explained.

UfO Experiencers
Betty & Barney Hll

The EXPERIENCER on the other hand, is the one who actually sees the craft, beings, or tech that is originally of off-world design. Sometimes, the experiencer comes to the wrong conclusion about what they saw. Without the technical expertise to discern our subset of physics from the superset known by space-faring species, the experiencer can have a limited ability to explain to scientific minds what they experienced.

I have expertise in some of the most advanced technologies that humans have been exposed to. I’m a physicist, pilot, engineer, electrician, mathematician, multi-instrument musician, AND contactee. The information downloaded to me, when unfolded, has always been what I needed to solve a problem. It never unfolds too soon. More is unfolding even after 18 years.

I represent both UFO Researchers AND Experiencers, and am here to answer questions AND show you UFOs, all in 60-90 minutes. Surely, you can’t find a show on TV that’s better than that. While in Sedona, go on a UFO tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. You can’t catch it on re-runs.

When Your Competition Copies You…

You know you’re doing things right. Yes, AL Jr. starting accompanying me on the 1st day of March this year. He sits beside me, or in the back seat of Space Buick. Well, now it appears my competition has purchased his twin brother, and is now using him/her? to greet their UFO Tour guests.

They watch what appears on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide webpage. You should too, as there are always new items and video clips appearing here. Michael is still the guide with the 1st hand, conscious, ET-interactive experience to answer the burning questions you may have regarding UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the technology associated with same.

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JUNE is EXCELLENT for UFO Watching!

Since school is out and people are taking their summer vacations, especially Phoenix residents are visiting Sedona in large numbers. Nothing says summer fun like a night watching UFOs. If you even spend ONE NIGHT in Sedona, you should schedule a UFO Tour. If you want to maximize your tour experience, be sure to book it with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, as Michael is the only one with the up-to-date information on the Secret Space Program, Exo-Commerce, and the technologies YOU want to know more about!

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Only going to be in Sedona for a day? Want to get an amazing amount of information WHILE EATING LUNCH? Oh, yeah, you should book “Interview with a Contactee” and get your questions answered while enjoying Sedona’s best lunch venue. Food’s on me!

2018 Goes Out With A Blast

Around the 20th of December, I told Anita (the tour operator) that there would be only 2 days in a row of snow, and that would be it for the year. Well, on the 25th and 26th, there was snow… and that was it… until the 31st!

Boy, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong BIGLY. It snowed a good 5″ in the foothills of West Sedona, and it was COLD for 3 days following! Single digits at night cold, and that’s in Fahrenheit for you Europeans reading this!

We had some great sightings in the clear cold nights of the first week in January, however. The groups saw several pairs of craft flying together, and some speed-demons leaving orbit!

Come experience UFO watching with a contactee, pilot, physicist, and question-answering guide, your SedonaUFOTourGuide!

Did You Know That Geo-engineering is a REAL Problem?

Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide lived in Phoenix from 1970-2012, and started noticing back in 1997, that the 300 days of “blue sky” that the Phoenix City Council and Chamber of Commerce promised us every year came to a screeching halt. Even though our planes that used true jet engines, like 707’s, DC-9’s and Convair 880’s changed to the 747, 757, 767, and MD-80 that use turbo-fan technology, the much cooler running engines were putting out trails that filled the sky in tic-tac-toe patterns, and dropped white powder occasionally on the windshields of our cars.

Technologically, this made no sense, as these newer engines only heat about 10% of the air that flows through the engine, and the fan does the rest of the work like a housed propeller. As a pilot and physicist, I know the once required 70%+ relative humidity for producing persistent contrails, now had to be over 90% with these engines. Since the air at 30k-40k feet over Phoenix is generally in the 17%-35% relative humidity range (daily balloon data from Flagstaff & Tucson on U of Wyo website), I knew that these trails could not be water-vapor.

Watching the sky for hours at a time, I also noticed that these new trails ATE CLOUDS like nobody’s business. If real clouds formed, these trails would evaporate them in minutes. Then came the defining moment. I was on Squaw Peak watching two planes through binoculars leave trails clear across Phoenix. Then I saw them turn off their trails, do a U-turn at the west edge of the valley, and turn the trails back on, flying back across the valley, leaving 4 equally spaced lines like banjo strings.

Later, I found that some including Cliff Carnicom, had done analyses on the trails by catching them in airplanes using material filters. The analysis on that captured “chemtrail” material was striking. Aluminum, barium titanate, and strontium were among the metals, and white blood cells, CRISPR gene-cutting chemicals and more were also found. A tie to the trails and Morgellon’s disease is a probable conclusion. Certainly, the high amounts of nano-sized aluminum has contributed to the geometrically increasing rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia in humans.

Why is this on-going global project not stopped no matter who enters “elective” office? Why does this metal poisoning of plants and food-growing fields continue? Why would a set of flammable metals be sprayed over our country? With this hot burning powder on the tree leaves, with no rain for months, aren’t we setting ourselves up for forest fires of unimaginable destruction? Oops, too late!

People must know about this travesty to life itself, and egregious manipulation of the planet to benefit only the select few elite. What benefit? If Monsanto has the only seeds that grow in an aluminum rich soil, and the rain water is too full of strontium to be safe to drink and Nestle has all the clean water…

Patents as far back as 1975 and earlier, have clearly shown the theoretical methodologies at least, or the blueprints of the working models then and now. To deny at least the probability that we are being attacked without disclosure, without permission, and without oversight by some organization supported by the people at large, is to deny what you see with your own eyes.

We need to be aware, we must share, and we need to let our post-swamp-drain Congress (after the indictments are made public) know that we won’t be taking this attack on our very existence any longer.


One Thing Worse Than Prolonged Storms

There’s one thing the Sedona UFO Tour Guide loathes more than prolonged storm clouds, and that’s geoengineering chemtrails. The destruction of our environment with aerosol aluminum, strontium, and barium is an on-going egregious act that needs to be brought out into the open and either eliminated, or supported with some pretty damn-good rationale!

Chemtrails kill the trees, and line our insides with metals proven to be cancer-causing as well as Alzheimer’s-causing. The practice needs to be attacked from all sides of the political aisle, because the spraying causes harm to ALL parties, be they human, animal, or plant.

I started documenting chemtrails in 1997 with a Flash website which displayed time-lapse animations of the skies being sprayed, and poetry which put the problem into few words. My life was threatened by an alphabet agency. I doubled my efforts. I went on Bob Mohan’s show in Phoenix and talked about it. He cut me off. It was a taboo subject until after 2010, and then, only covered on alternative media. The fact that they aren’t “condensation trails” is only now becoming mainstream knowledge. Learn more:

What Can You Expect?

When you decide to pay for a UFO Tour, what do you expect from the experience? I promise you’ll see something you’ve not seen before, unless of course you are completely aware of the SSP and their movements in space. Many times, a craft NOT of this Earth is seen in the Sedona night sky. When a “star” zig-zags 3 or 4 times, then shoots off at a speed only comparable to shooting stars, there’s a really good chance that it is a craft not of this world.

What you CAN expect on a Sedona UFO Tour is to see much more than you’ve ever seen in a night sky if you’ve not had the opportunity to use generation III night vision equipment. The first word is “wow” and it only gets more descriptive from there. The various spacecraft spotted in an hour’s time is amazing. Want to see UFO’s yet?

95% of those who attend want to go again. Think that may be you? Then go the first time. Click the top of the sidebar to make a reservation. No money is taken until minutes before departure. This is because the weather can change in an hour’s time in the high desert, you don’t like to part with your money unnecessarily, and the boss doesn’t like refund fees.

When you’re done though, please be sure to leave a review on Trip Advisor, available as a link in the sidebar, just below the reservations link.