When it’s clear, we can see 20-30 objects in an hour. Some are satellites, some are not. What kinds of things can we be seeing if it isn’t an airplane or satellite? More and more information comes out every week about the Secret Space Program (SSP) and here are some possibilities. These are artists’ conceptions, but they are pretty believable if you understand the requirements for space and near planet travel, and have had an opportunity to listen to witness testimony. This is especially true for those who will speak to people like me, but won’t go officially on the record. This info, which I keep to myself, allows me to vet people and ascertain their probability of telling me the truth.

“Have you seen any ships close up?” I get that question a lot, too. I haven’t seen any ships close up, but I have seen both day and nighttime objects. This one from 2011 is the clearest picture I’ve taken of daytime, and you can see several videos posted here on SedonaUFOTourGuide of ships flying in groups.

Once in a while, though not every night, we see something that isn’t one of our SSP fleet. They do really bizarre maneuvers and accelerations. They zig, zag, and go straight up. When I can catch video of same, I’ll post here for sure.

What Can You Expect?

When you decide to pay for a UFO Tour, what do you expect from the experience? I promise you’ll see something you’ve not seen before, unless of course you are completely aware of the SSP and their movements in space. Many times, a craft NOT of this Earth is seen in the Sedona night sky. When a “star” zig-zags 3 or 4 times, then shoots off at a speed only comparable to shooting stars, there’s a really good chance that it is a craft not of this world.

What you CAN expect on a Sedona UFO Tour is to see much more than you’ve ever seen in a night sky if you’ve not had the opportunity to use generation III night vision equipment. The first word is “wow” and it only gets more descriptive from there. The various spacecraft spotted in an hour’s time is amazing. Want to see UFO’s yet?

95% of those who attend want to go again. Think that may be you? Then go the first time. Click the top of the sidebar to make a reservation. No money is taken until minutes before departure. This is because the weather can change in an hour’s time in the high desert, you don’t like to part with your money unnecessarily, and the boss doesn’t like refund fees.

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Since my tours offer an “answer to any question” format, many want to know sources for learning more about SSP craft, ETs, and what’s REALLY going on in the world as the #FakeNews continue to spew its propaganda and lies to the American people. Because of this, I’ve created a new page of links to satisfy the curiosities of my tour attendees!

If you want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, the story behind the story, visit those links and become a part of the TRUTH movement.

What ARE Those ‘Moving Stars’?

Almost every night, someone wants to know, “what is THAT one?” While I make it clear that I’m only 90% accurate in identifying different craft, there are moments where a SHAPE is detectable in the moving star. While most objects appear round, sometimes I can see an equilateral triangle shape, and other times, I can detect a dart shape. The SSP contains craft with both shapes, so when the speed, and changing of direction fit the concept, Occam’s razor would dictate that those are more likely SSP craft than extraterrestrial ships.

Then there’s those zig-zag paths covering 15 degrees of arc three or four times then zooming off into infinity. Ours? Not likely.

In just a couple of weeks, we should be getting release of information of some of our SSP craft. The seed has been dropped already. Don’t look to the #FakeNews for this info, though. It’s going to be released through Q, then disseminated throughout the social media. Will the #FakeNews MSM get involved eventually? Only after they fall!

It Takes All Kinds

There are a wide variety of spacecraft, some of which are of human creation (SSP), and others which are not. Here is a chart of known shapes of spacecraft. Of course, if they’re up 100 miles and we use no magnification, all they look like are moving stars. Thing is, compared to us, stars don’t move.

When you see a “star” not only move, but leave orbit, it is something you’ll remember forever. Come see it happen.