Visions of the Future 2019

Visions of the Future 2019 with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide and John Farris
Again, the coolest booth at the conference!

Just back from the Visions of the Future 2019 Conference in Laughlin, NV, and John and I had a very interesting experience.

Now, I don’t mind going into a casino for 5 minutes, spending 10 bucks and leaving, because that’s just usually how it goes. What has happened in the last few years, however, is the spectrum of frequencies they are now throwing at you in these places! I can’t even think straight on the floor ABOVE the casino, let alone do much good to help other people around me!

That said, it was great to see the folks in the disclosure industry doing their best to get the information out to the public at large. Through books, videos, and even therapy sessions (and UFO Tours), the message IS getting out though, and for that I am grateful. I do hope that Visions of the Future 2019 can grow, and move into a new venue for Visions of the Future 2020. I understand there is a closed-school nearby that would make a great location. Perhaps the promoters can look into that! I have some experience in converting schools for other presentations, as we do it at SummitLIFE every weekend!

Pyramid Energy book by Mary Hardy

I met Mary Hardy at the booth next to ours. She has an amazing story of the challenges she and her husband had raising a son who was communicating with off-worlders right away. They wrote a book that is a great read of a great story of two every-day people who met with a not-every-day problem. They dove deep, and the yield of knowledge for their efforts was worth the trip, so to speak. There is a lot of tech talk, and the vernacular isn’t 100% accurate, (such as attaining a ‘more positive frequency’) but that shouldn’t distract the reader too much from the concepts the authors are trying to convey. Don’t skip the introduction or the preface if you get the book!

Nick Pope UFO Researcher
Nick Pope, UFO Researcher

I had lunch with Nick Pope, as we were the only two folks sitting at the bar of the Outback Steakhouse that resides within the casino one afternoon. Nick is a fascinating individual with a long history of UFO research, as he was the British Government’s UFO Project head. He’s still doing a lot of work with the Ancient Aliens folks, and has more projects in the works. Click the link to get more info on Nick.

As a footnote, John (Farris) and I stopped into the lounge Saturday evening to hear the Matt Farris band (and why wouldn’t we), when at the end of a song in the middle of their set, their smoke machine went off BIGLY. It was kind of cool until I realized that they had stored up about a week’s worth of Marlboro exhales, and that was what was spewing into the room. At least that’s what my eyes told me with the pain they were feeling. Dry ice is not a greenhouse gas no matter what they say, Matt, so please switch!

August UFO Tours

August UFO Tours: Sedona UFO Tour Guide provides the UFO-Pack on

The sun is going down a little earlier for August UFO tours, but tours still start at 8pm. We’ll be past the monsoons around the 15th, so more nights will be completely clear for UFO watching.

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide has updated gear, and is getting newer gear all the time. That’s why the UFO-Pack price is getting ready to increase. If you want to grab a deal, this month is the month to do it. September 1, the price goes up 20% to $2,400. Meanwhile, these low-hours but slightly older tubes in the current gen 3 PVS-7 goggles are still available, and the UFO-Pack price is still a cool $2,000 (with 90 day warrantee).

At least one out of every four Sedona UFO Tour Guide attendees wants to take a set of these home with them. They’re just too much fun to use! If you price them on-line, they usually start around $3,100 just for the goggles. Remember, if you buy a UFO-Pack, you get to go on my tour as often as you like for free (as long as at least one paid attendee is present). Get scheduled for August UFO Tours with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide! Just click the link and reserve your place on the tour, available every night the sky is clear.

Staying at a local resort, hotel, or AirBnB? You can have the night vision come to you! That’s right. If you reserve a PERSONAL UFO TOUR, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will bring the gear to YOU, and only YOUR questions get addressed over the hour.

Have a large party? How about a corporate event? The Sedona UFO Tour Guide can display the sky through night vision to over 200 people at a time. Imagine seeing a million stars on a video wall! CONTACT me for more information.


Hey UFO Tour Experiencers! One thing I like even better than tips, is a STELLAR review on Trip Advisor. If you’ve just completed the Sedona UFO Tour with the official Sedona UFO Tour Guide (that’s me), then if you had a great time, please share it with the world! The whole world visits Sedona, so help them be as AMAZED as you were!

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