UFO Researchers and Experiencers

The UFO Community is basically divided into two groups; there are UFO Researchers and Experiencers. The two are usually separate, which can cause a lack of detail in the bigger picture. Each has specific resources available to them, but neither is usually able to bring both worlds together with a fuller understanding.

UFO Researchers
Stanton Friedman
courtesy theufochronicles.com

The RESEARCHER is the one who interviews those who have encounters, those who are first-hand witnesses to ships, ETs, and everything off-worldly. Sometimes, the researcher wants to put their own spin on what others have told them. Without the actual experience, some things just can’t be fully explained.

UfO Experiencers
Betty & Barney Hll
courtesy collective-evolution.com

The EXPERIENCER on the other hand, is the one who actually sees the craft, beings, or tech that is originally of off-world design. Sometimes, the experiencer comes to the wrong conclusion about what they saw. Without the technical expertise to discern our subset of physics from the superset known by space-faring species, the experiencer can have a limited ability to explain to scientific minds what they experienced.

I have expertise in some of the most advanced technologies that humans have been exposed to. I’m a physicist, pilot, engineer, electrician, mathematician, multi-instrument musician, AND contactee. The information downloaded to me, when unfolded, has always been what I needed to solve a problem. It never unfolds too soon. More is unfolding even after 18 years.

I represent both UFO Researchers AND Experiencers, and am here to answer questions AND show you UFOs, all in 60-90 minutes. Surely, you can’t find a show on TV that’s better than that. While in Sedona, go on a UFO tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. You can’t catch it on re-runs.

As Seen On TV!

Uncovering Aliens is a BBC Discovery production, and one episode was filmed right here in Sedona. In fact, a chunk of it was filmed at the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s house in Sedona! Mike Bara, Maureen Ellsberry, and the rest of the cast, production team, and Phoenix video analyst Jim Dilettoso met at the house to have the UA team’s photos analyzed on my system. Watch this video clip to see what happened!


Sedona UFO Tour Guide table shared with John Farris

What a weekend from June 20-23! The Sedona UFO Tour Guide went to Los Angeles with my buddy John Farris, and we had a booth at ALIEN CON. I got to see some of the people I’ve only been emailing with for the last 10+ years, and got to meet some more people in the UFO industry that I’ve NEVER had the opportunity to communicate with!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Craig Compobosso

This is Craig Campobosso. He is the writer and producer of the “Stranger at the Pentagon” movie. My TERRANOMALY band wrote and recorded the theme song by the same name for the movie. Yes, that’s me singing about “Valiant Thor” and his desire to help us without providing weapons of war (imagine that).

Sedona UFO Tour Guide took this pic of R2D2 and Compobosso

Craig got to meet R2D2, who hasn’t seen the short-release of the movie, even though it’s been out for a couple of years. What!? You haven’t seen it either? Better get over to Craig’s site and watch it!

Hopefully, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will see YOU at Alien Con next year!

When Your Competition Copies You…

You know you’re doing things right. Yes, AL Jr. starting accompanying me on the 1st day of March this year. He sits beside me, or in the back seat of Space Buick. Well, now it appears my competition has purchased his twin brother, and is now using him/her? to greet their UFO Tour guests.

They watch what appears on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide webpage. You should too, as there are always new items and video clips appearing here. Michael is still the guide with the 1st hand, conscious, ET-interactive experience to answer the burning questions you may have regarding UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the technology associated with same.

Schedule a tour by clicking here.

The summer nights in Sedona are just about perfect according to just about everyone! Reserve a PERSONAL UFO Tour, where I come to your Air BnB or resort with the UFO Packs, by clicking here! and selecting “Personal UFO Tour” where prompted.

JUNE is EXCELLENT for UFO Watching!

Since school is out and people are taking their summer vacations, especially Phoenix residents are visiting Sedona in large numbers. Nothing says summer fun like a night watching UFOs. If you even spend ONE NIGHT in Sedona, you should schedule a UFO Tour. If you want to maximize your tour experience, be sure to book it with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, as Michael is the only one with the up-to-date information on the Secret Space Program, Exo-Commerce, and the technologies YOU want to know more about!

Click here to book your tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Only going to be in Sedona for a day? Want to get an amazing amount of information WHILE EATING LUNCH? Oh, yeah, you should book “Interview with a Contactee” and get your questions answered while enjoying Sedona’s best lunch venue. Food’s on me!

Interview With A Contactee

By popular demand, and because there are so many nights either clouded over with natural clouds or geo-engineering aerosols (unhealthy metals), I’ve started a ONE-HOUR event called “Interview With A Contactee.”

Michael – the Contactee

In this hour, I will show pictures of craft, examples of different ETs, and the important information that I was given in my contact experience in July, 2001. This information is important for ALL humans to know, as it is essential that a specific number of humans incorporate and act on the information for humanity to graduate to the next level.

In addition, this event has a Q & A component, where my experience in missile & satellite projects, exotic energy projects, exotic medical projects, and more comes in to play in answering YOUR questions.

This intimate setting, with late lunch provided, is a rare chance for the public to get some inside information as to what is REALLY going on regarding Space Force, ET, propulsion technology, and more!

CALL 602 485-9190, or CLICK HERE to reserve a seat! The $42 price does include lunch entree or appetizer, & non-alcoholic beverage. Space is limited for these daily events.

What if Mars…

What if Mars isn’t what they’ve been telling us? What if Mars had a breathable atmosphere? What if 14% of the martian atmosphere was oxygen?

Well, if that were true, then wouldn’t there be a thin blue line around Mars like there is around Earth? Funny you should ask!

While the blue HAS been enhanced on this photograph from Emily Cragg, there has to be SOME amount to start with to achieve this image.

Bet You’ve Never Seen THIS Before!

When I’m not taking you out to see UFOs in the Sedona night sky, I might be performing with my band ONE, which is not to be confused with playing with myself.

As far as I know, ONE is the only act to put together a rock show where all the performers are one guy, and YOU have a chance to see it for yourself, if you’re in Sedona on December 7th at Vino di Sedona.

Heck, you could go out on a UFO Tour (5:30-7:00) and then come to the show (7:00-10:00).