August UFO Tours

August UFO Tours: Sedona UFO Tour Guide provides the UFO-Pack on

The sun is going down a little earlier for August UFO tours, but tours still start at 8pm. We’ll be past the monsoons around the 15th, so more nights will be completely clear for UFO watching.

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide has updated gear, and is getting newer gear all the time. That’s why the UFO-Pack price is getting ready to increase. If you want to grab a deal, this month is the month to do it. September 1, the price goes up 20% to $2,400. Meanwhile, these low-hours but slightly older tubes in the current gen 3 PVS-7 goggles are still available, and the UFO-Pack price is still a cool $2,000 (with 90 day warrantee).

At least one out of every four Sedona UFO Tour Guide attendees wants to take a set of these home with them. They’re just too much fun to use! If you price them on-line, they usually start around $3,100 just for the goggles. Remember, if you buy a UFO-Pack, you get to go on my tour as often as you like for free (as long as at least one paid attendee is present). Get scheduled for August UFO Tours with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide! Just click the link and reserve your place on the tour, available every night the sky is clear.

Staying at a local resort, hotel, or AirBnB? You can have the night vision come to you! That’s right. If you reserve a PERSONAL UFO TOUR, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will bring the gear to YOU, and only YOUR questions get addressed over the hour.

Have a large party? How about a corporate event? The Sedona UFO Tour Guide can display the sky through night vision to over 200 people at a time. Imagine seeing a million stars on a video wall! CONTACT me for more information.

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