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Arizona UFO Tours is the best nighttime activity in Sedona! When you want to see spaceships, and get no “woo-woo” in the process, The Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ is the one to make the deal with. Arizona UFO Tours will put your hands on a $4,000 night vision technology that will blow your mind. You […]
While we see every string of satellites Elon sends up into space, we rarely see the initial rocket launch. On July 19th, eight guests and Carla and I watched this rocket, still holding 15 of Elon’s finest StarLink satellites, fly over Arizona south of Sedona at 9:15pm or so, right when the tour was finishing. […]
The Sedona UFO Tour at Arizona UFO Tours had a PERSONAL tour reservation April 18th. It was a wedding party of 23 people plus Carla and myself. We were all just looking at two ships pass each other when we saw another ship shoot a beam weapon and destroy a satellite. It was like something […]
Always looking to improve the UFO Tour experience without increasing the price, the #1 Arizona UFO Tours is now providing comfortable, 360 rotating upgraded seats on the Sedona UFO Tour. These clever, sturdy drum thrones are a great upgrade from leaning against the truck, or sitting on cardboard sheets that tend to blow away once […]
The 2nd Sedona UFO Sightings Conference is scheduled for April 15-16, 2023. The venue at Area 1 Sedona will be hosting again. Tickets are now available for the weekend event at Check every week for new names!
July is as hot as a firecracker, and Schnebly Hill is feeling it in spades this July here in Sedona. Here is a video with over 100 foot flames jumping up periodically. It kind of looks like the surface of the Sun with solar flares. When visiting, and especially camping in Sedona, please be very […]
The PERSONAL UFO Tour, when booked through Arizona UFO Tours or the Sedona UFO Tour Guide website, comes with a bonus. If you choose to come to the airport location, you get to use fully-reclining, 360-degree rotating gaming chairs. If you have me come to your AirBnB location, you might already have pool-side lounges. That […]
UFO Hunting went to a whole new level this week. The Sedona UFO Tour Guideā„¢ just put SpaceBurban 1 on the road. This dual laser-cannon wielding GMC is ready every evening to show people space craft and defend against any attack. It is also carrying radar, signal analytics and AL the Alien passenger. If you […]
The Annual Laughlin UFO Mega Conference has been canceled, which was slated for Las Vegas in March, 2022. Draconian abuse of individual human rights by Nevada is the reason. Its governor and State Congress have not stepped up to stop the globalist draconian health abuses put upon its people and the visitors to Nevada. In […]
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