The planes have been spraying their aluminum oxide, barium titanate and strontium over Sedona. You’re only going to be in Sedona for a few days. Don’t wait until the last night to go on a UFO tour, I highly recommend to plan your schedule with a UFO tour on the first night. A scheduled tour can be canceled by chemtrails.

Make your reservation on the first night. That way, if the first night clouds over, you can re-schedule the succeeding night increasing your chances of catching a clear sky for the tour on your visit.

The night-vision equipment can not see through a thick layer of this goo. This video is a time-lapse of what chemtrails do. It is from October 7th, 2021.

Chemtrails over Sedona October 7, 2021

This video is not a unique or even rare situation. If one watches from early in the day, and goes outside every couple of hours, one can see the occlusion of the sky with these nano-metals. Those familiar with modulation will also notice places in the sky being hit with high frequency, as evidenced in the ripples embedded in the goo.

Makayama Movie Mount iPad Mini - Voosestore

Want to make a video like the one above? Grab an iPad that has a bracket (like the Makayama pictured). Stick it onto a tripod, and use the time-lapse feature in the Camera app. The iPad will assemble the frames into a QuickTime movie. You can post it online or share it with friends.

People need to know about these chemtrails. Michael started documenting chemtrails in 1997. The program hasn’t stopped since except for three days. September 12-14, 2001 had the bluest skies seen for years. The reason is all flights were stopped because of the inside-job called 911.

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