Communications With A Contactee

Communications with a Contactee card

(2pm-3pm) Come have lunch with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Spend an hour and get first-hand information on ET, the actual state of technology today, and answers to ALL the questions you want to ask, but don’t know where to get those answers. I call it “Communications with a Contactee.”

Have you been to Contact in the Desert, Dimensions of Disclosure, DisclosureCon, Cosmic Awakening, or even AlienCon? They’re all awesome, and they all cost quite a bit for tickets. Here’s your chance to participate in communications with a contactee, but for a small fraction of the price. Did I mention that you get a free lunch?

$59 gets you into the presentation, provides a lunch entreƩ and beverage, and puts you in a meeting room small enough to ask questions without needing a microphone (12 person limit). Reserve seats now! (Children are $29 each for this event).

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