Contactee – Ever Seen an Extraterrestrial?

extraterrestrial image close to what I sawMost times during a tour, someone will ask if I’ve ever seen an extraterrestrial. I answer, why yes, I’ve seen three of them. They were standing literally three feet away in my kitchen, and were eight feet tall. Their eyes were about 25% larger than ours for head size, littler nose, and littler mouth. They were very white, with a visible hint of blue to them. I don’t remember seeing hair, and it was difficult to tell where the clothing left off and the open skin began.

They communicate by video stream (two side by side that form a V intersection that hits you right between the eyes…and up about 3/4 of an inch).

The data flows so fast, that just trying to watch it to make sense of it will give you vertigo. To send info to them, you have to visualize it as a video and telepathically send it to them. At least that’s the way I did it. It would be ironic if they spoke English, like the Refreshments sang, and I went to all that work to convert my thoughts to video. They certainly are smart enough to communicate any way a human is capable.

Anyway, ET has important messages for man-kind. They’d really like us to grow up. They appreciate a sense of humor. They want us to stop self-dividing and conquering.

The contact made me create a new band with an extraterrestrial drummer named AL. The information keeps unrolling as time goes on. Bits and pieces of the contact are still unfurling twenty years later. Find out the latest memories that have uncloaked themselves!

Have you seen an extraterrestrial? Tell me about it. Have lunch with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. I’ll answer your questions.