Did You Know That Geo-engineering is a REAL Problem?

Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide lived in Phoenix from 1970-2012, and started noticing back in 1997, that the 300 days of “blue sky” that the Phoenix City Council and Chamber of Commerce promised us every year came to a screeching halt. Even though our planes that used true jet engines, like 707’s, DC-9’s and Convair 880’s changed to the 747, 757, 767, and MD-80 that use turbo-fan technology, the much cooler running engines were putting out trails that filled the sky in tic-tac-toe patterns, and dropped white powder occasionally on the windshields of our cars.

Technologically, this made no sense, as these newer engines only heat about 10% of the air that flows through the engine, and the fan does the rest of the work like a housed propeller. As a pilot and physicist, I know the once required 70%+ relative humidity for producing persistent contrails, now had to be over 90% with these engines. Since the air at 30k-40k feet over Phoenix is generally in the 17%-35% relative humidity range (daily balloon data from Flagstaff & Tucson on U of Wyo website), I knew that these trails could not be water-vapor.

Watching the sky for hours at a time, I also noticed that these new trails ATE CLOUDS like nobody’s business. If real clouds formed, these trails would evaporate them in minutes. Then came the defining moment. I was on Squaw Peak watching two planes through binoculars leave trails clear across Phoenix. Then I saw them turn off their trails, do a U-turn at the west edge of the valley, and turn the trails back on, flying back across the valley, leaving 4 equally spaced lines like banjo strings.

Later, I found that some including Cliff Carnicom, had done analyses on the trails by catching them in airplanes using material filters. The analysis on that captured “chemtrail” material was striking. Aluminum, barium titanate, and strontium were among the metals, and white blood cells, CRISPR gene-cutting chemicals and more were also found. A tie to the trails and Morgellon’s disease is a probable conclusion. Certainly, the high amounts of nano-sized aluminum has contributed to the geometrically increasing rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia in humans.

Why is this on-going global project not stopped no matter who enters “elective” office? Why does this metal poisoning of plants and food-growing fields continue? Why would a set of flammable metals be sprayed over our country? With this hot burning powder on the tree leaves, with no rain for months, aren’t we setting ourselves up for forest fires of unimaginable destruction? Oops, too late!

People must know about this travesty to life itself, and egregious manipulation of the planet to benefit only the select few elite. What benefit? If Monsanto has the only seeds that grow in an aluminum rich soil, and the rain water is too full of strontium to be safe to drink and Nestle has all the clean water…

Patents as far back as 1975 and earlier, have clearly shown the theoretical methodologies at least, or the blueprints of the working models then and now. To deny at least the probability that we are being attacked without disclosure, without permission, and without oversight by some organization supported by the people at large, is to deny what you see with your own eyes.

We need to be aware, we must share, and we need to let our post-swamp-drain Congress (after the indictments are made public) know that we won’t be taking this attack on our very existence any longer.

Source: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org
Source: https://carnicominstitute.org/wp/

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