Dimensions of Disclosure II

Disclosure is becoming a hot topic, even among those who haven’t gone head first into the rabbit hole. The mainstream is starting to leak the topic. Space Force has actually poked it’s 40 year-old head out of the closet. More is happening now to wake the masses from their hibernation and voluntary enslavement than at any time prior. Dimensions of Disclosure is at the forefront of this movement.

Robert David Steele

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

The time has come for changes in monetary policy. There should not be a private, for-profit FOREIGN corporation deciding when to print our money and charge interest on the face value, and when to give it away for free. One individual I met at Dimensions of Disclosure has a policy plan for this. He also has massive change ideas for the intelligence outfits (alphabet agencies), software development, foreign policy, and health costs in America. His name is Robert David Steele. He has good ideas in a lot of areas that need desperate attention in America, including the entire election process.

Sean Stone – BUZZSAW Show

Sean Stone, Kaya, and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Sean Stone & Kaya

Another person of note that I was fortunate enough to meet, is Sean Stone. Sean is a producer, actor, and host of his own show on Gaia TV called “Buzzsaw.” He discusses many outside-the-box topics that are discussed on a typical Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Sean is unusually low-key in person AND on his show, which belies his respectable (no matter what group you’re in) intelligence and level of wisdom. Is this a result of his conversion to Islam? Is it a result of finding his way through disclosure? I didn’t know Sean as a child, but I’ll ask him about it when I bump into him at an upcoming conference, to be sure!

Edge Of Wonder TV Show

Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Ben from Edge of Wonder TV Show

Another upcoming celebrity name in the Disclosure arena is EDGE OF WONDER. This fabulous TV show especially for non-techie, non-legalese readers, goes places that other “what’s it about” shows for the masses don’t dare to tread! Ben and Rob are the shows’ hosts, and both are very interesting people to talk with. As a test on the audience of 200 waiting to see the final panel Q&A session at Dimensions of Disclosure, I took the dry-cleaning hanger from my jacket, and wrote “18” on it just to see who would make the connection. Would you believe NO ONE made a noticeable reaction except Ben? There are very awake and quick people at these disclosure conferences, but it was the rapid-firing Ben Chasteen who won the ‘Hanger 18’ award.

Mike Bara – Disclosure Juggernaut

Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Can’t let a disclosure-related conference go by without the camaraderie of Mike Bara. He endures a lot, and still comes through smiling. He’s the only one in the business I know who can be more satirical than me. Gotta love that! For more on Mike Bara, be sure to see the post from months back called ‘As Seen on TV.’ His show ‘Uncovering Aliens’ was seen on every channel that TV covers…well, except the FirePlace channel!

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