This past weekend’s Dimensions of Disclosure in Ventura, California, held the most amazing collection of people. They have dedicated some part of their past, all of their present, and however much of their future it takes, to get the truth of what’s REALLY happening to all people. The love for humanity’s potential could be felt the second you walked into the Marriott there in Ventura.

The number of both UFO researcher and experiencer speakers is always growing. Other topics formerly censored are now open. Dimensions of Disclosure was a snapshot of the “truth industry” for 2019. With Robert David Steel, Laura Eisenhower, the Edge of Wonder staff, and dozens more including David Wilcock and Corey Goode, the panels were amazing, the info was flowing, and awareness is growing!

Jordan Sather & Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure 2019
Jordan Sather with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure

One of my favorites is Jordan Sather. Jordan is an amazing young man with a really good memory and a serious passion for the dissemination of truth over dogma and propaganda. He excels in his explanations of the sham that is the VAK SEEN industry, and is well versed in Q. He seems to have a really good grasp on anatomy & physiology. This could be from his gym-assistant past. His clock speed is VERY high, and though young, he is not green by any means! Watch him on YouTube (Destroying the Illusion) and at He is an info-powerhouse of the near future.

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