Hello Earth!

I am Michael, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

I love taking people out to a field on the edge of the Sedona Dark Sky Community, where you can see a billion stars WITHOUT the gen III night vision.

Once people grab the PSV-7 and put it to their eyes, the first word is “Wow!” Then, when handed the amazing bright green laser, the fun begins.

I start with the instructions, precautions, and warnings about the gear, then point out the planets and constellations in view. After identifying a commercial aircraft, so everyone knows the difference (and doesn’t shoot it with a laser) there is usually a satellite that will fly over. After someone sees and recognizes a satellite and an airplane, EVERYTHING ELSE IS A UFO.

Everything that is, until I identify it. Then, it’s an IFO, right?

I’ve had experiences with ET my whole life, with the first interaction happening at the age of 2. Then, much info of the prior planet (Tiamat and its moon Mars) was downloaded to me at age 7.

The first entity-to-entity contact I remember was in July of 2001, when a few EIGHT FOOT slightly blue of white ET’s numbed my wife and removed me from our bed. A 15 minute interaction then occurred in my kitchen. A video stream was pushed into my head right between the eyes (3rd eye?) and little bits of information have been decoded ever since. What did they show me? Come on the tour and find out. Ask me anything. Wanna know about the Secret Space Program? Apollo 20? Different species of non-Terrans? Species of underground Terrans? What their message to humanity is? ASK ME.

We’ll have a great time! Just schedule a tour with me at SedonaUFOVortex.com


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