Hoodie But No Blowfish

Hoodie But No Blowfish
Are YOU Experienced?
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The ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? hoodies are in at Arizona UFO Tours! The only place I know that they are available is at Arizona UFO Tours website and at Señor Bob’s Hot Dogs (where the best cheeseburger in town is purchased). Purchasing the hoodie (but no blowfish) or ANY COMBO MEAL at Señor Bob’s also gets you a receipt that for the month of February at least, gets you 2 for 1 pricing for the Sedona UFO Tour with THE Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Make a reservation on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s website the same day you have a great meal at Señor Bob’s – for that night or any future night – and get the 2 for 1 deal.

These hoodies are very warm, very soft, and very durable. They are top of the line Gildan and the only hoodie the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will wear. They come in Medium, Large, and XtraLarge, and cost $42. Shipping anywhere in the USA is $8 more. Order yours and be the conversation starter at any gathering!

If it’s summertime, and hoodies are too hot to wear, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide has created a long-sleeve white T-shirt with the Are You Experienced logo as well. The T-shirt runs $30 including shipping. Both pieces of UFO/Alien themed apparel are available on the Arizona UFO Tours website.

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