By popular demand, and because there are so many nights either clouded over with natural clouds or geo-engineering aerosols (unhealthy metals), I’ve started a ONE-HOUR event called “Interview With A Contactee.”

Michael – the Contactee

In this hour, I will show pictures of craft, examples of different ETs, and the important information that I was given in my contact experience in July, 2001. This information is important for ALL humans to know, as it is essential that a specific number of humans incorporate and act on the information for humanity to graduate to the next level.

In addition, this event has a Q & A component, where my experience in missile & satellite projects, exotic energy projects, exotic medical projects, and more comes in to play in answering YOUR questions.

This intimate setting, with late lunch provided, is a rare chance for the public to get some inside information as to what is REALLY going on regarding Space Force, ET, propulsion technology, and more!

CALL 602 485-9190, or CLICK HERE to reserve a seat! The $42 price does include lunch entree or appetizer, & non-alcoholic beverage. Space is limited for these daily events.

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