Nightly Tours (Except When Raining)

The high desert is a wonderful place to see a clear sky. The nighttime view of the Milky Way is breathtaking just on the edge of town in Sedona. This is because Sedona is a Dark Sky Community, and city regulations keep too much light from ruining that clarity.

Many of the satellites and non-satellites that are seen through the night vision goggles are visible with the naked eye if there is some moonlight, and your eyes are very good. The difference is, even if you wear some significantly corrective lenses, you can see millions of stars in the sky every night through the PVS-7 night vision.

Sedona is already known for its unusual collection of energetic vortexes (or is that vortices?) It’s also known for battles that left many Natives dead, and many ghosts remaining. It’s also known for the Bradshaw Ranch, and I’ve even done analysis on video and photos on the TV show “The Investigators” (BBC Discovery) on that area.

Find out FIRST HAND if any of these legends are true. One thing’s for sure. If you come on MY tour, you’ll be seeing things!

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