One Thing Worse Than Prolonged Storms

There’s one thing the Sedona UFO Tour Guide loathes more than prolonged storm clouds, and that’s geoengineering chemtrails. The destruction of our environment with aerosol aluminum, strontium, and barium is an on-going egregious act that needs to be brought out into the open and either eliminated, or supported with some pretty damn-good rationale!

Chemtrails kill the trees, and line our insides with metals proven to be cancer-causing as well as Alzheimer’s-causing. The practice needs to be attacked from all sides of the political aisle, because the spraying causes harm to ALL parties, be they human, animal, or plant.

I started documenting chemtrails in 1997 with a Flash website which displayed time-lapse animations of the skies being sprayed, and poetry which put the problem into few words. My life was threatened by an alphabet agency. I doubled my efforts. I went on Bob Mohan’s show in Phoenix and talked about it. He cut me off. It was a taboo subject until after 2010, and then, only covered on alternative media. The fact that they aren’t “condensation trails” is only now becoming mainstream knowledge. Learn more:

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