PERSONAL UFO Tour Has 1st Class Seating

1st Class Seating on PERSONAL UFO tour
PERSONAL Tour Has 1st Class Seating

The PERSONAL UFO Tour, when booked through Arizona UFO Tours or the Sedona UFO Tour Guide website, comes with a bonus. If you choose to come to the airport location, you get to use fully-reclining, 360-degree rotating gaming chairs. If you have me come to your AirBnB location, you might already have pool-side lounges. That works as well. Either way, you’ll be using the best night-vision goggle under $7,000 and join 0.05% of the human race who have had the opportunity to look through this level of technology.

Group of Sedona Guides on the Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide
Group of Sedona Tour Guides

The extra bonus is to have any question you ask answered. You either get the answer, or the process through which to get the answer. This is why every Sedona UFO tour is different. We might only see 20 ships, but 3 sets of 2 crossing the sky. We might see 50 ships, and only one pair, but 2 of them are super-speeders and change speed while in our view only to fade out a few seconds later.

In 2018, we’d see 12 spacecraft and the same number of satellites and planes as now. Now, we see as many as 60 spacecraft in a night. In any case though, the questions are different on each tour. Yes, many want to know more when I mention we’re in the middle of WWIV, but many also want to know what they saw when they were 10 and a light paused over them, then continued across the sky. Some want to know what happens to their energetic self when the physical self stops. Some want to know what the ET’s communicated to me in 2001. I eventually get to that. That’s important, too. 😉

Book a tour and ask your questions. I look forward to it.

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