Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019

I knew that DisclosureCon 2019 was going to be fun knowing that Ben and Rob from Edge of Wonder and other familiar faces would be attending. I didn’t know, however, that my speaking debut would happen before my scheduled appearance in April 2020 at the Cosmic Awakening Conference in Sedona. Did you happen to see the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019? (Please comment below if you did.)

As it turned out, one of the speakers was late to the venue, and there was about ten minutes of time that was going to go to waste with absolutely no edutainment being presented. I was coaxed by my Expo side-man and artist extraordinaire John Farris, with permission by Doc Skinner, to take the stage and fill until Suzanne Ross arrived.

Without preparation, a script, or supporting video media, I told a very condensed summary of my ET contact in 2001. It was well-received, and four people even came out to ask more questions at our booth less than two minutes later. Seems they wanted to hear more of my ET-related history. Here is a one-minute clip of that presentation…

Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019

In addition, our good friend Laura Eisenhower is now the proud owner of a FARRIS! Here are a couple of photos from the event.

Laura Eisenhower and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019
Laura Eisenhower BEFORE the Farris
Laura Eisenhower and John Farris wearing FARRIS originals!
Laura and John Farris…and their FARRIS Pendants
Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019 in Pinetop, Arizona
Ben from Edge of Wonder

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