Sedona UFO Tour

The Original no-BS UFO tour in Sedona is with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide through Arizona UFO Tours. This tour is different from all the others because the Sedona UFO Tour Guide:


     1. is first and foremost a scientist.
     2. is a pilot, physicist, and inventor.
     3. is a first-hand contactee.


Other UFO tours in Sedona are known for the “woo-woo” type approach, as in: “Come on, Space Brothers, we’re here for you!” or “See those lights? Those are ships landing on a nearby mountain.” Fact is, 99.3% of the spacecraft we see that aren’t satellites are Space Force craft flown by humans, taking off and landing right here on Earth. Didn’t know the U.S. has 50 trillion dollars in spacecraft up there? There is a lot more to learn about our space program such as Solar Warden, Operation Indigo Skyfold, HAARP, laser weapons to deter OTHER ships (and destroy cities), and more!


Michael The Sedona UFO Tour Captain


Michael’s book “Wake Up and Do Something” has many details of his first-hand encounter with 8-foot beings in the Summer of 2001 in Phoenix . His experience on missile and satellite systems, software development, and exotic energy research provide the solid foundation of understanding the technologies being used in the Space Program, and his twelve-minute download from ET delivered much more data than can be covered in 100 UFO Tours.


The Captain will show you planets, stars, constellations, nebulae, and even another galaxy when viewable, and turn you on to a whole lot of information not easily attainable through common research sources. Don’t become fooled by other “Sedona UFO Tour” advertisers. You’ll only get facts, science, and real experiences from THE most knowledgeable guide on the subject. He also loves to answer difficult questions.

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