The Sedona UFO Tour at Arizona UFO Tours had a PERSONAL tour reservation April 18th. It was a wedding party of 23 people plus Carla and myself. We were all just looking at two ships pass each other when we saw another ship shoot a beam weapon and destroy a satellite. It was like something right out of Star Wars. The satellite then came down like a 3 pronged firework. The way the pieces trailed was much different than a shooting star, as they were much slower, and didn’t stay visible very long.

25 Witnesses to Space War Activities

Star Wars is here, and the technology is available, at a much less lethal level, to all of us. I, myself have a laser powerful enough to light a match at 50 feet, and can pop balloons equally far away. You think if I can buy that for under $100 that an organization with no morals whatsoever can’t take a billion dollars and put one or more in space?

If you make a RESERVATION for a tour this summer, you’re likely to see evidence of how far advanced our space program is than what they tell you (sell you) on television.

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