Sedona UFO Sightings Event

We just got confirmation that our Sedona UFO Sightings event will be happening March 13th & 14th just outside the Sedona City Limits. The exact location is CLASSIFIED at the moment, but will be released March 1st. It is the 24th Anniversary of Phoenix lights, and a tribute to that event is in the works.

Element 115

We will have presentations from renowned authors in the UFO field, as well as ET contactees sharing their stories of contact. We have a panel Q & A planned for Sunday, and a GROUP UFO TOUR on Saturday night with real-time UFO traffic displayed on a video wall. After the tour, rock out with Element 115 (the band with the ET drummer) and then, enjoy a classic rock tribute and dance party with ONE performing live.


Space Burgers, chips and soft drinks will be available as well.

There will be amazing art, jewelry, and all things UFO to view, and admission is FREE!

We’re bringing FUN back to Sedona, and it’s about time, right?


If you like to keep up on the latest photos, videos, and potential evidence of visits from all kinds of extra-terrestrials, I strongly recommend watching Tyler at SecureTeam10’s YouTube channel.

While he usually covers the bigger stories you see elsewhere, he also covers little clues that most of the others miss. Is he 100%? No. No one is, but if you’re looking for dots that may or may not align with what you already know to either corroborate or challenge what you know, Tyler’s channel is a must see. It’s definitely recommended by your Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Click here to go to the Secure Team YouTube channel.

ET is here in the thousands to watch “the event.” Are you prepared?