The weather has been strange all over the country, and if you pay attention to the details, it kinda looks like an intentional […]
It seems traffic is picking up all the time! Here are two more traveling together as seen this month.
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Around the 20th of December, I told Anita (the tour operator) that there would be only 2 days in a row of snow, […]
When it’s clear, we can see 20-30 objects in an hour. Some are satellites, some are not. What kinds of things can we […]
When you decide to pay for a UFO Tour, what do you expect from the experience? I promise you’ll see something you’ve not […]
What a beautiful sky we’ve been having since the storms have dissipated over Sedona. I point out more than UFOs, and sometimes people […]
While it has been cloudy and rainy here in Sedona the last few days, I HAVE been able to capture some videos of […]
Since my tours offer an “answer to any question” format, many want to know sources for learning more about SSP craft, ETs, and […]
Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide hasn’t used it to catch anything amazing yet, but I said I’d be posting video from the UFO […]