It’s April, and the new Sedona UFO Tour Guide season has started. With new equipment, and more info than ever before, the UFO […]
It seems traffic is picking up all the time! Here are two more traveling together as seen this month.
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By popular demand, and because there are so many nights either clouded over with natural clouds or geo-engineering aerosols (unhealthy metals), I’ve started […]
What if Mars isn’t what they’ve been telling us? What if Mars had a breathable atmosphere? What if 14% of the martian atmosphere […]
When I’m not taking you out to see UFOs in the Sedona night sky, I might be performing with my band ONE, which […]
When it’s clear, we can see 20-30 objects in an hour. Some are satellites, some are not. What kinds of things can we […]
Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide lived in Phoenix from 1970-2012, and started noticing back in 1997, that the 300 days of “blue sky” […]
While on a tour, Ms. Key saw lights on a nearby mountain and wanted to know what they were. I know there are […]
There’s one thing the Sedona UFO Tour Guide loathes more than prolonged storm clouds, and that’s geoengineering chemtrails. The destruction of our environment […]