The planes have been spraying their aluminum oxide, barium titanate and strontium over Sedona, so if you are coming for several days to Sedona, and are planning on waiting until the last night to go on a UFO tour, I highly recommend reconsidering your schedule.

I suggest making the reservation on the first night you’ll be here. That way, if the first night clouds over, you can re-schedule the succeeding night increasing your chances of a clear sky for the tour while you visit.

This video is a time-lapse of what chemtrails do. It is from October 7th, 2021.

Chemtrails over Sedona October 7, 2021

Elon’s Work Seen on Sedona UFO Tour

StarLink is certainly launching lots of satellites! With 60 at a time, the number is now in the thousands that are already in orbit. When a string cruises over the Sedona UFO Tour Guide and those on the tour, the sounds of “wow” are always heard.

With the 3D printed iPhone 5 interface, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide captured a recent string moving west to east that was seen by his tour on May 6th, 2021. A second string came up from the north a short time later. One never knows what they’ll see on the tour, so be sure to make a reservation when you’re going to be in Sedona!

Watch for new tour functions like a 3-hour tour with extended time for Q & A with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Go as deep down the rabbit holes as you desire with the Extended Tour. Ask any question, get amazing answers.

StarLink Launch May 2021

Sedona UFO Sightings Event

We just got confirmation that our Sedona UFO Sightings event will be happening March 13th & 14th just outside the Sedona City Limits. The exact location is CLASSIFIED at the moment, but will be released March 1st. It is the 24th Anniversary of Phoenix lights, and a tribute to that event is in the works.

Element 115

We will have presentations from renowned authors in the UFO field, as well as ET contactees sharing their stories of contact. We have a panel Q & A planned for Sunday, and a GROUP UFO TOUR on Saturday night with real-time UFO traffic displayed on a video wall. After the tour, rock out with Element 115 (the band with the ET drummer) and then, enjoy a classic rock tribute and dance party with ONE performing live.


Space Burgers, chips and soft drinks will be available as well.

There will be amazing art, jewelry, and all things UFO to view, and admission is FREE!

We’re bringing FUN back to Sedona, and it’s about time, right?

Comet Neowise

Whenever I walk down the street with everyone wearing masks (as if that actually does anything) and me without, I feel like Morpheus and Neo in the Matrix when walking through the simulated reality. Morpheus knows the program bumping into no one, but Neo, being new, seems to bump into everything. That brings me to a comet named Neowise. Yeah. Think about that.

Here is the comet as seen through the night vision equipment we use on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s Sedona UFO Tour.

UFOs Fly In Groups!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide is the guy with the answers
It’s a Big Big Sky over Sedona

February has been so far, a great month for UFO spotting! Almost every night, UFOs fly in groups over us in the one-hour period that the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s tour happens. Last night, there were two flying together in tandem, with the front being at least 5 times brighter than the one behind. On the 14th, two Valentine couples got to see a trio of ships flying in formation. I can show you how to tell a satellite from a spaceship in the first 5 minutes of goggle use, and you’ll be spotting ships before I do before we finish.

Senor Bobs is a friend of the Sedona UFO Tour Guide!
The best burgers and dogs in Sedona!

It is already about 10 degrees warmer after sunset than it was only a week ago, so if you’re going to be in Sedona in the month of February, you really should experience my tour. As a bonus, if you go to Señor Bob’s and get at least one combo meal (the best in Sedona), you get 2 for 1 pricing on the public UFO Tour either the same night, or any remaining night in February.

That means for just $44 each, you and your friend will be getting information that people pay $100 each for on any given day. That’s value, and everybody respects a good deal! You can also get the amazing “Are You Experienced” hoodie there at Señor Bob’s!

Sedona UFO Tours

Do you want to know what makes the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s tour the best UFO tour available? Want the REAL scoop about the whole topic? There are several choices when it comes to Sedona UFO Tours. Most will give you a bunch of hooey about spaceships landing on nearby mountains, or space aliens communicating on a nightly basis through flashing spaceships. While the truth is almost as fantastic, the above isn’t it.

Find out what’s REALLY going on in space above us with the highest publicly available night vision under $10,000. I use Omni6+ gen3 PVS-7s, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Get the science, the facts, and the answers to all your questions while considering which Sedona UFO Tours to experience. READ MORE HERE.

Hats and Gloves

In the desert, you can’t remember your name… no, in the desert, in gets a lot colder after the sun sets than most visitors anticipate. For that reason, if you’re attending a Sedona UFO Tour, plan to dress for nights that are 30 degrees colder than an afternoon hike. Hats and gloves are recommended.

Sedona UFO Tours hats and gloves
Sedona UFO Tours can get chilly – hats and gloves!

In the wintertime, those beautiful 70+ temps at 2pm can become 39 degree temps by 9pm, with a breeze. Since I always want my attendees to be comfortable, these bright green hats and gloves will be available for wearing while on the tour if someone isn’t pre-warned and prepared. They’re warm, fuzzy, and stretch like crazy. This small alien can wear them, and so can a much larger alien! They fit small humans and medium humans very well. Not sure the gloves would fit a Buffalo Bills halfback, but they fit about everyone else.

Space Buick is always there to lean against, to relax the neck muscles while viewing the UFO’s over Sedona. AL Jr. doubles as a passenger-side air bag for the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Don’t tell AL Jr. that, though.

To book your winter tour with the only Researcher-Experiencer doing UFO Tours, please click here.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide via TourHQ

Sedona UFO Tour Guide via TourHQ

Sedona UFO Tour Guide now available through

Along with TripAdvisor, you can now book Sedona UFO Tour Guide tours through TourHQ. They’ve booked over 20,000 tours, and are growing. Over 5 million visitors a year pass through Sedona, and you know at least 1% know that UFOs exist, and would like to see one! That’s where the Sedona UFO Tour Guide comes in!

Not only does the Sedona UFO Tour talk about UFOs and ETs, but we’ll cover just about any topic in the disclosure category. Since almost nothing we ever learned in school or on TV is the truth, or at least the whole truth, questions about all kinds of topics are asked, discussed, and disclosed while seeing an amazing amount of UFO traffic in an hour!

Since the Sedona UFO Tour Guide is available through TourHQ, imagine all the other fun things you can find to do there! Visit for more info, and plan your next excursion or vacation! Don’t forget to plan a night in Sedona, so you too can say, “I saw UFO’s with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide!”

Dimensions of Disclosure II

Disclosure is becoming a hot topic, even among those who haven’t gone head first into the rabbit hole. The mainstream is starting to leak the topic. Space Force has actually poked it’s 40 year-old head out of the closet. More is happening now to wake the masses from their hibernation and voluntary enslavement than at any time prior. Dimensions of Disclosure is at the forefront of this movement.

Robert David Steele

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

The time has come for changes in monetary policy. There should not be a private, for-profit FOREIGN corporation deciding when to print our money and charge interest on the face value, and when to give it away for free. One individual I met at Dimensions of Disclosure has a policy plan for this. He also has massive change ideas for the intelligence outfits (alphabet agencies), software development, foreign policy, and health costs in America. His name is Robert David Steele. He has good ideas in a lot of areas that need desperate attention in America, including the entire election process.

Sean Stone – BUZZSAW Show

Sean Stone, Kaya, and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Sean Stone & Kaya

Another person of note that I was fortunate enough to meet, is Sean Stone. Sean is a producer, actor, and host of his own show on Gaia TV called “Buzzsaw.” He discusses many outside-the-box topics that are discussed on a typical Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Sean is unusually low-key in person AND on his show, which belies his respectable (no matter what group you’re in) intelligence and level of wisdom. Is this a result of his conversion to Islam? Is it a result of finding his way through disclosure? I didn’t know Sean as a child, but I’ll ask him about it when I bump into him at an upcoming conference, to be sure!

Edge Of Wonder TV Show

Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Ben from Edge of Wonder TV Show

Another upcoming celebrity name in the Disclosure arena is EDGE OF WONDER. This fabulous TV show especially for non-techie, non-legalese readers, goes places that other “what’s it about” shows for the masses don’t dare to tread! Ben and Rob are the shows’ hosts, and both are very interesting people to talk with. As a test on the audience of 200 waiting to see the final panel Q&A session at Dimensions of Disclosure, I took the dry-cleaning hanger from my jacket, and wrote “18” on it just to see who would make the connection. Would you believe NO ONE made a noticeable reaction except Ben? There are very awake and quick people at these disclosure conferences, but it was the rapid-firing Ben Chasteen who won the ‘Hanger 18’ award.

Mike Bara – Disclosure Juggernaut

Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Can’t let a disclosure-related conference go by without the camaraderie of Mike Bara. He endures a lot, and still comes through smiling. He’s the only one in the business I know who can be more satirical than me. Gotta love that! For more on Mike Bara, be sure to see the post from months back called ‘As Seen on TV.’ His show ‘Uncovering Aliens’ was seen on every channel that TV covers…well, except the FirePlace channel!

Answer for Ms. Key (part II)

Viewing site of Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Guests
From the UFO Tour site to the Mystery Lights is Nine Miles as the Crow Flies

On my Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour on the night of 11/10/18, a young lady was fascinated by lights appearing and disappearing on a bluff 9 miles away, where there are no houses, no paved roads, or any resorts in the boonies. I wrote a post about it on this site on 11/11/18. I didn’t have the answers to those lights until now.

Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with their Big-Boy Binoculars
Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Their Big-Boy-Binoculars

While another Sedona UFO Tour company will tell you it’s UFO’s landing on the mountain, the truth is not nearly so dramatic. My good friend Anton, from A.S. Security & Surveillance in Toronto, decided he’d accompany me on an adventure to discover the source of these lights. As usual, once my investigator’s hat is on, the truth is revealed. We brought our BIG BOY BINOCULARS with us (note mine are BIGGER than his!)

Sedona UFO Tour Guide Mystery Lights Location
Looking Back To UFO Tour Location from Cliff of Mystery Lights

We found an amazing view from that cliff, for sure! With Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Shipwreck, and Thunder Mountain all visible in a single scene, it is truly one of the most amazing views in the Sedona area. Did I mention we had to travel about 45 miles to arrive at that 9 mile distance?

What we also found, is all along the edge of that cliff are County-created firepits! Yes, stone firepits dot that entire overlook, and though we actually stopped at only 3 places along the route, every stop had a firepit, and the ones we encountered were wet on top with partially burned wood, so almost every night, someone is out there having a great time camping, and inadvertently messing with those in the area with night vision goggles!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide in a Swing on the Mystery Lights Cliff
Sedona UFO Tour Guide Loves to Interact With Nature

At one of the stops we even found a swing with a view. I couldn’t help myself, and of course, Anton had to take a picture to show that I’m not ALWAYS serious! Come out on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour. You will see UFOs, learn a thing or two about our real Space Program, and have a fun time. I guarantee it!