Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020

For those always yearning for more information in the disclosure arena, be sure to set the date: April 24-26 for the Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020. Arizona UFO Tours will be represented by yours truly, THE Sedona UFO Tour Guide, as I will be speaking on Saturday, and conducting an awesome GROUP UFO WATCHING session for Cosmic Pass holders and others.


Sedona UFO Tour Guide group UFO watching tour. April 25, 2020
Night vision on the BIG SCREEN

There will be a video wall, and seating for a few hundred. Therefore, neck fatigue that is often felt by first-time night vision users is minimized. Sit in the grass concert style, and watch as my scouts and I find and display UFOs in real-time. The video wall makes it easy for all to enjoy. To find out more, about this special evening event, be sure to visit the Sedona Cosmic Awakening website.


I’ll be speaking about the messages given to me by ET, and answering questions in a fearless Q & A forum. As a result, you should be able to ask a question on any topic, and I should be able to answer it. The infamous FaceTwit sensors will not be in the house! The Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020 is an event with more accessibility to the speakers. Moreover, it has a more intimate venue than the Los Angeles and other big city events provide. Look for as-of-yet unscheduled panel sessions and more!


The BigRig plays multiple instruments simultaneously
“BigRig” – World’s largest Pedalboard?

As an added bonus, I’ll be playing in the musical performance section of the conference. I’m thinking Sitar, but you never know what will come out of the Big Rig. Firstly, it can be a horn section with a piano and tremolo guitar. Secondly, it could be a 12-string acoustic with organ. Most importantly, it can play just about any combination I ask it to.

The Conference is a three-day event. Be sure to get your multi-day passes from the website as soon as you can. Last year was a very busy event, and the disclosure and awareness conferences I’ve been attending are larger than the prior year every time.

Flyer for the Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020
Be sure to attend the 2020 Cosmic Awakening Conference

Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019

I knew that DisclosureCon 2019 was going to be fun knowing that Ben and Rob from Edge of Wonder and other familiar faces would be attending. I didn’t know, however, that my speaking debut would happen before my scheduled appearance in April 2020 at the Cosmic Awakening Conference in Sedona. Did you happen to see the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019? (Please comment below if you did.)

As it turned out, one of the speakers was late to the venue, and there was about ten minutes of time that was going to go to waste with absolutely no edutainment being presented. I was coaxed by my Expo side-man and artist extraordinaire John Farris, with permission by Doc Skinner, to take the stage and fill until Suzanne Ross arrived.

Without preparation, a script, or supporting video media, I told a very condensed summary of my ET contact in 2001. It was well-received, and four people even came out to ask more questions at our booth less than two minutes later. Seems they wanted to hear more of my ET-related history. Here is a one-minute clip of that presentation…

Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019

In addition, our good friend Laura Eisenhower is now the proud owner of a FARRIS! Here are a couple of photos from the event.

Laura Eisenhower and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019
Laura Eisenhower BEFORE the Farris
Laura Eisenhower and John Farris wearing FARRIS originals!
Laura and John Farris…and their FARRIS Pendants
Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at DisclosureCon 2019 in Pinetop, Arizona
Ben from Edge of Wonder

Keep coming back to or for the latest in the UFO Disclosure arena!

Dimensions of Disclosure II

Disclosure is becoming a hot topic, even among those who haven’t gone head first into the rabbit hole. The mainstream is starting to leak the topic. Space Force has actually poked it’s 40 year-old head out of the closet. More is happening now to wake the masses from their hibernation and voluntary enslavement than at any time prior. Dimensions of Disclosure is at the forefront of this movement.

Robert David Steele

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

The time has come for changes in monetary policy. There should not be a private, for-profit FOREIGN corporation deciding when to print our money and charge interest on the face value, and when to give it away for free. One individual I met at Dimensions of Disclosure has a policy plan for this. He also has massive change ideas for the intelligence outfits (alphabet agencies), software development, foreign policy, and health costs in America. His name is Robert David Steele. He has good ideas in a lot of areas that need desperate attention in America, including the entire election process.

Sean Stone – BUZZSAW Show

Sean Stone, Kaya, and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Sean Stone & Kaya

Another person of note that I was fortunate enough to meet, is Sean Stone. Sean is a producer, actor, and host of his own show on Gaia TV called “Buzzsaw.” He discusses many outside-the-box topics that are discussed on a typical Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Sean is unusually low-key in person AND on his show, which belies his respectable (no matter what group you’re in) intelligence and level of wisdom. Is this a result of his conversion to Islam? Is it a result of finding his way through disclosure? I didn’t know Sean as a child, but I’ll ask him about it when I bump into him at an upcoming conference, to be sure!

Edge Of Wonder TV Show

Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Ben from Edge of Wonder TV Show

Another upcoming celebrity name in the Disclosure arena is EDGE OF WONDER. This fabulous TV show especially for non-techie, non-legalese readers, goes places that other “what’s it about” shows for the masses don’t dare to tread! Ben and Rob are the shows’ hosts, and both are very interesting people to talk with. As a test on the audience of 200 waiting to see the final panel Q&A session at Dimensions of Disclosure, I took the dry-cleaning hanger from my jacket, and wrote “18” on it just to see who would make the connection. Would you believe NO ONE made a noticeable reaction except Ben? There are very awake and quick people at these disclosure conferences, but it was the rapid-firing Ben Chasteen who won the ‘Hanger 18’ award.

Mike Bara – Disclosure Juggernaut

Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Can’t let a disclosure-related conference go by without the camaraderie of Mike Bara. He endures a lot, and still comes through smiling. He’s the only one in the business I know who can be more satirical than me. Gotta love that! For more on Mike Bara, be sure to see the post from months back called ‘As Seen on TV.’ His show ‘Uncovering Aliens’ was seen on every channel that TV covers…well, except the FirePlace channel!

Answer for Ms. Key (part II)

Viewing site of Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Guests
From the UFO Tour site to the Mystery Lights is Nine Miles as the Crow Flies

On my Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour on the night of 11/10/18, a young lady was fascinated by lights appearing and disappearing on a bluff 9 miles away, where there are no houses, no paved roads, or any resorts in the boonies. I wrote a post about it on this site on 11/11/18. I didn’t have the answers to those lights until now.

Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with their Big-Boy Binoculars
Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Their Big-Boy-Binoculars

While another Sedona UFO Tour company will tell you it’s UFO’s landing on the mountain, the truth is not nearly so dramatic. My good friend Anton, from A.S. Security & Surveillance in Toronto, decided he’d accompany me on an adventure to discover the source of these lights. As usual, once my investigator’s hat is on, the truth is revealed. We brought our BIG BOY BINOCULARS with us (note mine are BIGGER than his!)

Sedona UFO Tour Guide Mystery Lights Location
Looking Back To UFO Tour Location from Cliff of Mystery Lights

We found an amazing view from that cliff, for sure! With Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Shipwreck, and Thunder Mountain all visible in a single scene, it is truly one of the most amazing views in the Sedona area. Did I mention we had to travel about 45 miles to arrive at that 9 mile distance?

What we also found, is all along the edge of that cliff are County-created firepits! Yes, stone firepits dot that entire overlook, and though we actually stopped at only 3 places along the route, every stop had a firepit, and the ones we encountered were wet on top with partially burned wood, so almost every night, someone is out there having a great time camping, and inadvertently messing with those in the area with night vision goggles!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide in a Swing on the Mystery Lights Cliff
Sedona UFO Tour Guide Loves to Interact With Nature

At one of the stops we even found a swing with a view. I couldn’t help myself, and of course, Anton had to take a picture to show that I’m not ALWAYS serious! Come out on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour. You will see UFOs, learn a thing or two about our real Space Program, and have a fun time. I guarantee it!

UFO Researchers and Experiencers

The UFO Community is basically divided into two groups; there are UFO Researchers and Experiencers. The two are usually separate, which can cause a lack of detail in the bigger picture. Each has specific resources available to them, but neither is usually able to bring both worlds together with a fuller understanding.

UFO Researchers
Stanton Friedman

The RESEARCHER is the one who interviews those who have encounters, those who are first-hand witnesses to ships, ETs, and everything off-worldly. Sometimes, the researcher wants to put their own spin on what others have told them. Without the actual experience, some things just can’t be fully explained.

UfO Experiencers
Betty & Barney Hll

The EXPERIENCER on the other hand, is the one who actually sees the craft, beings, or tech that is originally of off-world design. Sometimes, the experiencer comes to the wrong conclusion about what they saw. Without the technical expertise to discern our subset of physics from the superset known by space-faring species, the experiencer can have a limited ability to explain to scientific minds what they experienced.

I have expertise in some of the most advanced technologies that humans have been exposed to. I’m a physicist, pilot, engineer, electrician, mathematician, multi-instrument musician, AND contactee. The information downloaded to me, when unfolded, has always been what I needed to solve a problem. It never unfolds too soon. More is unfolding even after 18 years.

I represent both UFO Researchers AND Experiencers, and am here to answer questions AND show you UFOs, all in 60-90 minutes. Surely, you can’t find a show on TV that’s better than that. While in Sedona, go on a UFO tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. You can’t catch it on re-runs.


After adding the PERSONAL UFO TOUR in Sedona this year, I have had the opportunity to see many of the nearby resorts that most people would miss just driving down 89-A. For instance, just in the last week alone, I’ve visited both the Amara Resort, and L’Auberge de Sedona, which are next door to each other on Oak Creek between uptown, and West Sedona.

Amara Resort with negative-edge pool in Sedona is great for a personal UFO Tour.
Amara Resort on Oak Creek

At the Amara, I was invited by four California travelers staying a few days there. They wanted to take advantage of the negative-edge pool and the fully-reclining lounges to see UFOs through the night vision gear. We had a great time for just over an hour, and none of them had neck fatigue. They also had their favorite beverages poolside.

L'Auberge de Sedona is a great place for the Sedona UFO Tour Guide's Personal UFO tour.
L’Auberge de Sedona Resort

A French family was staying at L’Auberge de Sedona, and their condo had a full-width patio with a wide-open sky view. We saw about a dozen ships in the hour and 15 minutes, including a pair cruising together about 20 ship-diameters apart. They looked to be about 50 miles up. The husband talked a lot about getting a pair of these 3rd generation night vision goggles, and I of course told him of the UFO-Pack offered on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide website. (He only has 3 weeks before the price goes up!)

Invite Michael, the only Sedona UFO Tour Guide who will come to you with 3rd generation night vision gear to provide an experience you’ll be talking about for years! Not only does he guarantee that you’ll see at least 2 ships or your money back, but you get to ask a contactee questions for about an hour. He’s a researcher AND an “experiencer.” That opportunity may never happen again!

Book PERSONAL UFO TOURS in Sedona – Sedona UFO Tour Guide

August UFO Tours

August UFO Tours: Sedona UFO Tour Guide provides the UFO-Pack on

The sun is going down a little earlier for August UFO tours, but tours still start at 8pm. We’ll be past the monsoons around the 15th, so more nights will be completely clear for UFO watching.

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide has updated gear, and is getting newer gear all the time. That’s why the UFO-Pack price is getting ready to increase. If you want to grab a deal, this month is the month to do it. September 1, the price goes up 20% to $2,400. Meanwhile, these low-hours but slightly older tubes in the current gen 3 PVS-7 goggles are still available, and the UFO-Pack price is still a cool $2,000 (with 90 day warrantee).

At least one out of every four Sedona UFO Tour Guide attendees wants to take a set of these home with them. They’re just too much fun to use! If you price them on-line, they usually start around $3,100 just for the goggles. Remember, if you buy a UFO-Pack, you get to go on my tour as often as you like for free (as long as at least one paid attendee is present). Get scheduled for August UFO Tours with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide! Just click the link and reserve your place on the tour, available every night the sky is clear.

Staying at a local resort, hotel, or AirBnB? You can have the night vision come to you! That’s right. If you reserve a PERSONAL UFO TOUR, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will bring the gear to YOU, and only YOUR questions get addressed over the hour.

Have a large party? How about a corporate event? The Sedona UFO Tour Guide can display the sky through night vision to over 200 people at a time. Imagine seeing a million stars on a video wall! CONTACT me for more information.

As Seen On TV!

Uncovering Aliens is a BBC Discovery production, and one episode was filmed right here in Sedona. In fact, a chunk of it was filmed at the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s house in Sedona! Mike Bara, Maureen Ellsberry, and the rest of the cast, production team, and Phoenix video analyst Jim Dilettoso met at the house to have the UA team’s photos analyzed on my system. Watch this video clip to see what happened!


Sedona UFO Tour Guide table shared with John Farris

What a weekend from June 20-23! The Sedona UFO Tour Guide went to Los Angeles with my buddy John Farris, and we had a booth at ALIEN CON. I got to see some of the people I’ve only been emailing with for the last 10+ years, and got to meet some more people in the UFO industry that I’ve NEVER had the opportunity to communicate with!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Craig Compobosso

This is Craig Campobosso. He is the writer and producer of the “Stranger at the Pentagon” movie. My TERRANOMALY band wrote and recorded the theme song by the same name for the movie. Yes, that’s me singing about “Valiant Thor” and his desire to help us without providing weapons of war (imagine that).

Sedona UFO Tour Guide took this pic of R2D2 and Compobosso

Craig got to meet R2D2, who hasn’t seen the short-release of the movie, even though it’s been out for a couple of years. What!? You haven’t seen it either? Better get over to Craig’s site and watch it!

Hopefully, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will see YOU at Alien Con next year!