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The weather has been strange all over the country, and if you pay attention to the details, it kinda looks like an intentional wipe-out of America’s food producing lands. Did two or more people plan for such a thing to happen using our KNOWN weather modification technology? That would be an actual conspiracy. You think […]
It’s April, and the new Sedona UFO Tour Guide season has started. With new equipment, and more info than ever before, the UFO tours just keep getting better here in Sedona. The springtime brings ORION to the west of the zenith when we go out, and Sirius brings quite a halo when seen in the […]
It seems traffic is picking up all the time! Here are two more traveling together as seen this month.
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By popular demand, and because there are so many nights either clouded over with natural clouds or geo-engineering aerosols (unhealthy metals), I’ve started a ONE-HOUR event called “Interview With A Contactee.” In this hour, I will show pictures of craft, examples of different ETs, and the important information that I was given in my contact […]
What if Mars isn’t what they’ve been telling us? What if Mars had a breathable atmosphere? What if 14% of the martian atmosphere was oxygen? Well, if that were true, then wouldn’t there be a thin blue line around Mars like there is around Earth? Funny you should ask! While the blue HAS been enhanced […]
Around the 20th of December, I told Anita (the tour operator) that there would be only 2 days in a row of snow, and that would be it for the year. Well, on the 25th and 26th, there was snow… and that was it… until the 31st! Boy, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong BIGLY. It […]
When I’m not taking you out to see UFOs in the Sedona night sky, I might be performing with my band ONE, which is not to be confused with playing with myself. As far as I know, ONE is the only act to put together a rock show where all the performers are one guy, […]
When it’s clear, we can see 20-30 objects in an hour. Some are satellites, some are not. What kinds of things can we be seeing if it isn’t an airplane or satellite? More and more information comes out every week about the Secret Space Program (SSP) and here are some possibilities. These are artists’ conceptions, […]
While on a tour, Ms. Key saw lights on a nearby mountain and wanted to know what they were. I know there are no houses up there, but couldn’t be sure if there were roads for cars to park on and perhaps watch for UFOs. As promised, I google-earthed the area to find a road […]
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