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While it has been cloudy and rainy here in Sedona the last few days, I HAVE been able to capture some videos of what moves in the skies at night. Here are some shots from September 26th and 27th. Enjoy, and be sure to learn more from the resources page!
Since my tours offer an “answer to any question” format, many want to know sources for learning more about SSP craft, ETs, and what’s REALLY going on in the world as the #FakeNews continue to spew its propaganda and lies to the American people. Because of this, I’ve created a new page of links to […]
Almost every night, someone wants to know, “what is THAT one?” While I make it clear that I’m only 90% accurate in identifying different craft, there are moments where a SHAPE is detectable in the moving star. While most objects appear round, sometimes I can see an equilateral triangle shape, and other times, I can […]
There are a wide variety of spacecraft, some of which are of human creation (SSP), and others which are not. Here is a chart of known shapes of spacecraft. Of course, if they’re up 100 miles and we use no magnification, all they look like are moving stars. Thing is, compared to us, stars don’t […]
Did you know that your Sedona UFO Tour Guide has been on TV? As a photographic and video analyst, I’ve done quite a bit of discerning on whether photos and videos are legit UFO evidence. Here is a a TV show that was on Science Channel, Animal Planet, BBC, and more about the Bradshaw Ranch […]
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