When Your Competition Copies You…

You know you’re doing things right. Yes, AL Jr. starting accompanying me on the 1st day of March this year. He sits beside me, or in the back seat of Space Buick. Well, now it appears my competition has purchased his twin brother, and is now using him/her? to greet their UFO Tour guests.

They watch what appears on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide webpage. You should too, as there are always new items and video clips appearing here. Michael is still the guide with the 1st hand, conscious, ET-interactive experience to answer the burning questions you may have regarding UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the technology associated with same.

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The summer nights in Sedona are just about perfect according to just about everyone! Reserve a PERSONAL UFO Tour, where I come to your Air BnB or resort with the UFO Packs, by clicking here! and selecting “Personal UFO Tour” where prompted.

What Can You Expect?

When you decide to pay for a UFO Tour, what do you expect from the experience? I promise you’ll see something you’ve not seen before, unless of course you are completely aware of the SSP and their movements in space. Many times, a craft NOT of this Earth is seen in the Sedona night sky. When a “star” zig-zags 3 or 4 times, then shoots off at a speed only comparable to shooting stars, there’s a really good chance that it is a craft not of this world.

What you CAN expect on a Sedona UFO Tour is to see much more than you’ve ever seen in a night sky if you’ve not had the opportunity to use generation III night vision equipment. The first word is “wow” and it only gets more descriptive from there. The various spacecraft spotted in an hour’s time is amazing. Want to see UFO’s yet?

95% of those who attend want to go again. Think that may be you? Then go the first time. Click the top of the sidebar to make a reservation. No money is taken until minutes before departure. This is because the weather can change in an hour’s time in the high desert, you don’t like to part with your money unnecessarily, and the boss doesn’t like refund fees.

When you’re done though, please be sure to leave a review on Trip Advisor, available as a link in the sidebar, just below the reservations link.

Think Of It…Then MAKE It!

Wednesday, I started looking up adaptors to make an iPhone 5 match up to the PVS-7 generation III night vision equipment. I found one that was gun-metal engineering, and universal, but it was $200. I figured there had to be a less expensive way to get the job done.

Thursday, I decided to 3D design a holder for the phone, which would push right onto the eyepiece of the PVS-7. Using Cheetah 3D, I designed a square receiver for the iPhone, extremely light weight, with a hole for the camera, and slots to avoid depressing the power button and volume controls. Then, it was time for good ‘ol Maker Bot software to create the print file for the 3D printer.

Friday (this morning), the completed piece, due to micrometer measurements of the iPhone and its case, came out flawlessly. It holds the phone securely, and lines it up directly over the eyepiece of the night vision gear. I rounded the corners using a belt sander, and the unit is ready to debut TONIGHT.

You’re about to see some new AMAZING videos on SedonaUFOTourGuide.com!