The UFO Pack PRO Night Vision

When Michael started doing the tours, he immediately recognized that people want the goggles they get to use on the Sedona UFO Tour. Since no one else was providing a package that includes the laser, goggle, and accessories, he put one together. It has a hard-shell case and padded insides. It’s called the UFO Pack PRO and is available from the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s website.

Preppers and others who have a bug-out bag for emergency situations need to have quality night-vision capable optics. There is no better night vision in the price range of this product.

Watch this video for more information on the UFO Pack Pro…

This group of ladies from California wanted to get their picture taken with AL Jr. while looking through the UFO Pack PRO goggles. Since AL is a ham, he’s always ready to be seen whether on video or photos.

UFO Pack Pro users on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide's Sedona UFO Tour

The goggles are military issue. There are strict rules prohibiting them from being taken out of the country. If someone does try to cross the border with them or board an international flight, that person will be sitting in a small room for awhile, and their $3,400 goggles will disappear with an agent. I guarantee the flight will be missed as well. Best advice, don’t try it!

As delivery times for some of the components have increased, and as Michael does assemble the goggle and kit from parts, please allow 14 days for delivery. Price includes shipping to the USA only.

Answer for Ms. Key (part II)

Viewing site of Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Guests
From the UFO Tour site to the Mystery Lights is Nine Miles as the Crow Flies

On my Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour on the night of 11/10/18, a young lady was fascinated by lights appearing and disappearing on a bluff 9 miles away, where there are no houses, no paved roads, or any resorts in the boonies. I wrote a post about it on this site on 11/11/18. I didn’t have the answers to those lights until now.

Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with their Big-Boy Binoculars
Anton and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide with Their Big-Boy-Binoculars

While another Sedona UFO Tour company will tell you it’s UFO’s landing on the mountain, the truth is not nearly so dramatic. My good friend Anton, from A.S. Security & Surveillance in Toronto, decided he’d accompany me on an adventure to discover the source of these lights. As usual, once my investigator’s hat is on, the truth is revealed. We brought our BIG BOY BINOCULARS with us (note mine are BIGGER than his!)

Sedona UFO Tour Guide Mystery Lights Location
Looking Back To UFO Tour Location from Cliff of Mystery Lights

We found an amazing view from that cliff, for sure! With Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Shipwreck, and Thunder Mountain all visible in a single scene, it is truly one of the most amazing views in the Sedona area. Did I mention we had to travel about 45 miles to arrive at that 9 mile distance?

What we also found, is all along the edge of that cliff are County-created firepits! Yes, stone firepits dot that entire overlook, and though we actually stopped at only 3 places along the route, every stop had a firepit, and the ones we encountered were wet on top with partially burned wood, so almost every night, someone is out there having a great time camping, and inadvertently messing with those in the area with night vision goggles!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide in a Swing on the Mystery Lights Cliff
Sedona UFO Tour Guide Loves to Interact With Nature

At one of the stops we even found a swing with a view. I couldn’t help myself, and of course, Anton had to take a picture to show that I’m not ALWAYS serious! Come out on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide tour. You will see UFOs, learn a thing or two about our real Space Program, and have a fun time. I guarantee it!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Sedona UFO Tour Guide's depiction of prejudice
Prejudice Jones

So, did you ever have someone harass you on social media? And did you ever have them call you a “fraud” or “charlatan” without ever experiencing what it is they claim to be fraudulent? It can be a very frustrating and aggravating experience. You know, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide hasn’t had one person ever say that they didn’t see a UFO on the tour. Everyone has. I haven’t had one person not realize the possibility that I actually was contacted by three 8-foot ETs. I’m not saying everyone believes me, but they at least realize the possibility that I am conveying what I know to be true.

How does one convince prejudice to open its mind?

That might be an ET-only possibility, but the Sedona UFO Tour Guide shares the truth as I know it. I will NOT mislead or tell lies for any amount of money. That’s why I had to start doing this on my own. There are those in the Sedona Community who will make things up and tell you you’re seeing things that you aren’t. One will even give you goggles that see two different locations out of each eye. They think their clients won’t notice. I can’t do that. When you get information from the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, you’re getting the best analysis that someone with ground, air, and space experience can give you. I’m a pilot, a scientist, a contactee, and see the world at 30 frames per second with a photographic memory, so I’m a good witness, and a good experiential historian.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide with goggles

I’m ready to answer your questions. Let’s settle your challenges, and provide you information that you need to get up your path toward ascension. On top of that, you’ll get to see UFOs with your own eyes, not just on my videos.

Make a reservation. Come on the tour. Ask me something…anything. It’ll be fun!

When Your Competition Copies You…

You know you’re doing things right. Yes, AL Jr. starting accompanying me on the 1st day of March this year. He sits beside me, or in the back seat of Space Buick. Well, now it appears my competition has purchased his twin brother, and is now using him/her? to greet their UFO Tour guests.

They watch what appears on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide webpage. You should too, as there are always new items and video clips appearing here. Michael is still the guide with the 1st hand, conscious, ET-interactive experience to answer the burning questions you may have regarding UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the technology associated with same.

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Goggles, CHECK. Lasers, CHECK.

Goggles & Laser

It’s April, and the new Sedona UFO Tour Guide season has started. With new equipment, and more info than ever before, the UFO tours just keep getting better here in Sedona. The springtime brings ORION to the west of the zenith when we go out, and Sirius brings quite a halo when seen in the PVS-7s.

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What ARE Those ‘Moving Stars’?

Almost every night, someone wants to know, “what is THAT one?” While I make it clear that I’m only 90% accurate in identifying different craft, there are moments where a SHAPE is detectable in the moving star. While most objects appear round, sometimes I can see an equilateral triangle shape, and other times, I can detect a dart shape. The SSP contains craft with both shapes, so when the speed, and changing of direction fit the concept, Occam’s razor would dictate that those are more likely SSP craft than extraterrestrial ships.

Then there’s those zig-zag paths covering 15 degrees of arc three or four times then zooming off into infinity. Ours? Not likely.

In just a couple of weeks, we should be getting release of information of some of our SSP craft. The seed has been dropped already. Don’t look to the #FakeNews for this info, though. It’s going to be released through Q, then disseminated throughout the social media. Will the #FakeNews MSM get involved eventually? Only after they fall!

Video Using the 3D Printed iPhone Interface

Your Sedona UFO Tour Guide hasn’t used it to catch anything amazing yet, but I said I’d be posting video from the UFO Tours, so here is a sample of the quality of what the PVS-7 sees, and the iPhone can record using my 3D printed interface.

Nightly Tours (Except When Raining)

The high desert is a wonderful place to see a clear sky. The nighttime view of the Milky Way is breathtaking just on the edge of town in Sedona. This is because Sedona is a Dark Sky Community, and city regulations keep too much light from ruining that clarity.

Many of the satellites and non-satellites that are seen through the night vision goggles are visible with the naked eye if there is some moonlight, and your eyes are very good. The difference is, even if you wear some significantly corrective lenses, you can see millions of stars in the sky every night through the PVS-7 night vision.

Sedona is already known for its unusual collection of energetic vortexes (or is that vortices?) It’s also known for battles that left many Natives dead, and many ghosts remaining. It’s also known for the Bradshaw Ranch, and I’ve even done analysis on video and photos on the TV show “The Investigators” (BBC Discovery) on that area.

Find out FIRST HAND if any of these legends are true. One thing’s for sure. If you come on MY tour, you’ll be seeing things!