Sedona UFO Tours

Do you want to know what makes the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s tour the best UFO tour available? Want the REAL scoop about the whole topic? There are several choices when it comes to Sedona UFO Tours. Most will give you a bunch of hooey about spaceships landing on nearby mountains, or space aliens communicating on a nightly basis through flashing spaceships. While the truth is almost as fantastic, the above isn’t it.

Find out what’s REALLY going on in space above us with the highest publicly available night vision under $10,000. I use Omni6+ gen3 PVS-7s, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Get the science, the facts, and the answers to all your questions while considering which Sedona UFO Tours to experience. READ MORE HERE.

Hats and Gloves

In the desert, you can’t remember your name… no, in the desert, in gets a lot colder after the sun sets than most visitors anticipate. For that reason, if you’re attending a Sedona UFO Tour, plan to dress for nights that are 30 degrees colder than an afternoon hike. Hats and gloves are recommended.

Sedona UFO Tours hats and gloves
Sedona UFO Tours can get chilly – hats and gloves!

In the wintertime, those beautiful 70+ temps at 2pm can become 39 degree temps by 9pm, with a breeze. Since I always want my attendees to be comfortable, these bright green hats and gloves will be available for wearing while on the tour if someone isn’t pre-warned and prepared. They’re warm, fuzzy, and stretch like crazy. This small alien can wear them, and so can a much larger alien! They fit small humans and medium humans very well. Not sure the gloves would fit a Buffalo Bills halfback, but they fit about everyone else.

Space Buick is always there to lean against, to relax the neck muscles while viewing the UFO’s over Sedona. AL Jr. doubles as a passenger-side air bag for the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Don’t tell AL Jr. that, though.

To book your winter tour with the only Researcher-Experiencer doing UFO Tours, please click here.

I Didn’t Know They Were THAT Good!

Arizona UFO Tours presents the UFO PACK PRO. These are 3rd gen night vision goggles.

These 3rd generation night vision goggles work even better than I thought! I knew they were good, but I didn’t know they were THAT good! Just four nights ago, my group saw the SpaceX satellite string before they were even spread out. They were flying over the Pacific, and we saw them in Sedona. The string was low in the Western sky, and were so bright, that we could see them with the naked eye. We could count only about 8 lights, and with the night vision, we could see what looked like a bundle of grains at the leading edge of the sighting. I’ve calculated the distance to be at least 600 miles, but we could easily make out the individual reflections. The next night, Tuesday, we could make out over 50 lights in the string. They must have been higher in orbit, and even further west.

SpaceX satellites over Sedona

This means that the ships that we’re seeing every night in the dark skies over Sedona are up to 10,000 miles out. If an 8′ diameter satellite can be seen brightly over 600 miles away, then 300′ TR3B’s MUST be thousands of miles up when we see them fly over, and fade out over us when leaving orbit.

This is the gear that comes in the UFO PACK PRO from Arizona UFO Tours!

These OMNI6+ units are amazing, and almost every night someone wants to buy one. I have the best prices, so why not? Contact me directly at for the best deal on the UFO PACK PRO. It comes with the goggle, headmount, laser with battery, extra battery, battery charger, and padded hard shell case. Even I didn’t know these were THAT good!

Visions of the Future 2019

Visions of the Future 2019 with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide and John Farris
Again, the coolest booth at the conference!

Just back from the Visions of the Future 2019 Conference in Laughlin, NV, and John and I had a very interesting experience.

Now, I don’t mind going into a casino for 5 minutes, spending 10 bucks and leaving, because that’s just usually how it goes. What has happened in the last few years, however, is the spectrum of frequencies they are now throwing at you in these places! I can’t even think straight on the floor ABOVE the casino, let alone do much good to help other people around me!

That said, it was great to see the folks in the disclosure industry doing their best to get the information out to the public at large. Through books, videos, and even therapy sessions (and UFO Tours), the message IS getting out though, and for that I am grateful. I do hope that Visions of the Future 2019 can grow, and move into a new venue for Visions of the Future 2020. I understand there is a closed-school nearby that would make a great location. Perhaps the promoters can look into that! I have some experience in converting schools for other presentations, as we do it at SummitLIFE every weekend!

Pyramid Energy book by Mary Hardy

I met Mary Hardy at the booth next to ours. She has an amazing story of the challenges she and her husband had raising a son who was communicating with off-worlders right away. They wrote a book that is a great read of a great story of two every-day people who met with a not-every-day problem. They dove deep, and the yield of knowledge for their efforts was worth the trip, so to speak. There is a lot of tech talk, and the vernacular isn’t 100% accurate, (such as attaining a ‘more positive frequency’) but that shouldn’t distract the reader too much from the concepts the authors are trying to convey. Don’t skip the introduction or the preface if you get the book!

Nick Pope UFO Researcher
Nick Pope, UFO Researcher

I had lunch with Nick Pope, as we were the only two folks sitting at the bar of the Outback Steakhouse that resides within the casino one afternoon. Nick is a fascinating individual with a long history of UFO research, as he was the British Government’s UFO Project head. He’s still doing a lot of work with the Ancient Aliens folks, and has more projects in the works. Click the link to get more info on Nick.

As a footnote, John (Farris) and I stopped into the lounge Saturday evening to hear the Matt Farris band (and why wouldn’t we), when at the end of a song in the middle of their set, their smoke machine went off BIGLY. It was kind of cool until I realized that they had stored up about a week’s worth of Marlboro exhales, and that was what was spewing into the room. At least that’s what my eyes told me with the pain they were feeling. Dry ice is not a greenhouse gas no matter what they say, Matt, so please switch!

Arizona UFO Tour Parking

Space Buick parked at Senor Bob's where the Arizona UFO Tour meets for Sedona
Arizona UFO Tour Parking

The new parking signs went up behind Señor Bob’s at the corner of Coffee Pot Rd. and 89-A in West Sedona. This is where the Arizona UFO Tour for Sedona meets at sundown daily. Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s “Space Buick” will meet you at this point to lead the group caravan style just 3 miles down the road to an unlit gravel parking area just over a hill from Sedona town lights. Michael will dispense an auto-gated goggle for each person (no need to share), and lasers to point out what you see to the others in the group.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide parking at Senor Bob's for Arizona UFO Tours
Arizona UFO Tours and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide meeting place

Now, at sundown, you’ll know where the Arizona UFO Tour parking is! If you’re going to look for UFOs, isn’t it a good idea to get a guide that knows something about them, their propulsion, their weaponry, and even some of the human projects that use them? Book a tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide today!

Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020

For those always yearning for more information in the disclosure arena, be sure to set the date: April 24-26 for the Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020. Arizona UFO Tours will be represented by yours truly, THE Sedona UFO Tour Guide, as I will be speaking on Saturday, and conducting an awesome GROUP UFO WATCHING session for Cosmic Pass holders and others.


Sedona UFO Tour Guide group UFO watching tour. April 25, 2020
Night vision on the BIG SCREEN

There will be a video wall, and seating for a few hundred. Therefore, neck fatigue that is often felt by first-time night vision users is minimized. Sit in the grass concert style, and watch as my scouts and I find and display UFOs in real-time. The video wall makes it easy for all to enjoy. To find out more, about this special evening event, be sure to visit the Sedona Cosmic Awakening website.


I’ll be speaking about the messages given to me by ET, and answering questions in a fearless Q & A forum. As a result, you should be able to ask a question on any topic, and I should be able to answer it. The infamous FaceTwit sensors will not be in the house! The Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020 is an event with more accessibility to the speakers. Moreover, it has a more intimate venue than the Los Angeles and other big city events provide. Look for as-of-yet unscheduled panel sessions and more!


The BigRig plays multiple instruments simultaneously
“BigRig” – World’s largest Pedalboard?

As an added bonus, I’ll be playing in the musical performance section of the conference. I’m thinking Sitar, but you never know what will come out of the Big Rig. Firstly, it can be a horn section with a piano and tremolo guitar. Secondly, it could be a 12-string acoustic with organ. Most importantly, it can play just about any combination I ask it to.

The Conference is a three-day event. Be sure to get your multi-day passes from the website as soon as you can. Last year was a very busy event, and the disclosure and awareness conferences I’ve been attending are larger than the prior year every time.

Flyer for the Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference 2020
Be sure to attend the 2020 Cosmic Awakening Conference

Sedona UFO Tour Guide via TourHQ

Sedona UFO Tour Guide via TourHQ

Sedona UFO Tour Guide now available through

Along with TripAdvisor, you can now book Sedona UFO Tour Guide tours through TourHQ. They’ve booked over 20,000 tours, and are growing. Over 5 million visitors a year pass through Sedona, and you know at least 1% know that UFOs exist, and would like to see one! That’s where the Sedona UFO Tour Guide comes in!

Not only does the Sedona UFO Tour talk about UFOs and ETs, but we’ll cover just about any topic in the disclosure category. Since almost nothing we ever learned in school or on TV is the truth, or at least the whole truth, questions about all kinds of topics are asked, discussed, and disclosed while seeing an amazing amount of UFO traffic in an hour!

Since the Sedona UFO Tour Guide is available through TourHQ, imagine all the other fun things you can find to do there! Visit for more info, and plan your next excursion or vacation! Don’t forget to plan a night in Sedona, so you too can say, “I saw UFO’s with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide!”

Dimensions of Disclosure II

Disclosure is becoming a hot topic, even among those who haven’t gone head first into the rabbit hole. The mainstream is starting to leak the topic. Space Force has actually poked it’s 40 year-old head out of the closet. More is happening now to wake the masses from their hibernation and voluntary enslavement than at any time prior. Dimensions of Disclosure is at the forefront of this movement.

Robert David Steele

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

The time has come for changes in monetary policy. There should not be a private, for-profit FOREIGN corporation deciding when to print our money and charge interest on the face value, and when to give it away for free. One individual I met at Dimensions of Disclosure has a policy plan for this. He also has massive change ideas for the intelligence outfits (alphabet agencies), software development, foreign policy, and health costs in America. His name is Robert David Steele. He has good ideas in a lot of areas that need desperate attention in America, including the entire election process.

Sean Stone – BUZZSAW Show

Sean Stone, Kaya, and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Sean Stone & Kaya

Another person of note that I was fortunate enough to meet, is Sean Stone. Sean is a producer, actor, and host of his own show on Gaia TV called “Buzzsaw.” He discusses many outside-the-box topics that are discussed on a typical Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide. Sean is unusually low-key in person AND on his show, which belies his respectable (no matter what group you’re in) intelligence and level of wisdom. Is this a result of his conversion to Islam? Is it a result of finding his way through disclosure? I didn’t know Sean as a child, but I’ll ask him about it when I bump into him at an upcoming conference, to be sure!

Edge Of Wonder TV Show

Ben Chasteen and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Ben from Edge of Wonder TV Show

Another upcoming celebrity name in the Disclosure arena is EDGE OF WONDER. This fabulous TV show especially for non-techie, non-legalese readers, goes places that other “what’s it about” shows for the masses don’t dare to tread! Ben and Rob are the shows’ hosts, and both are very interesting people to talk with. As a test on the audience of 200 waiting to see the final panel Q&A session at Dimensions of Disclosure, I took the dry-cleaning hanger from my jacket, and wrote “18” on it just to see who would make the connection. Would you believe NO ONE made a noticeable reaction except Ben? There are very awake and quick people at these disclosure conferences, but it was the rapid-firing Ben Chasteen who won the ‘Hanger 18’ award.

Mike Bara – Disclosure Juggernaut

Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide at Dimensions of Disclosure
Mike Bara and the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Can’t let a disclosure-related conference go by without the camaraderie of Mike Bara. He endures a lot, and still comes through smiling. He’s the only one in the business I know who can be more satirical than me. Gotta love that! For more on Mike Bara, be sure to see the post from months back called ‘As Seen on TV.’ His show ‘Uncovering Aliens’ was seen on every channel that TV covers…well, except the FirePlace channel!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Sedona UFO Tour Guide's depiction of prejudice
Prejudice Jones

So, did you ever have someone harass you on social media? And did you ever have them call you a “fraud” or “charlatan” without ever experiencing what it is they claim to be fraudulent? It can be a very frustrating and aggravating experience. You know, the Sedona UFO Tour Guide hasn’t had one person ever say that they didn’t see a UFO on the tour. Everyone has. I haven’t had one person not realize the possibility that I actually was contacted by three 8-foot ETs. I’m not saying everyone believes me, but they at least realize the possibility that I am conveying what I know to be true.

How does one convince prejudice to open its mind?

That might be an ET-only possibility, but the Sedona UFO Tour Guide shares the truth as I know it. I will NOT mislead or tell lies for any amount of money. That’s why I had to start doing this on my own. There are those in the Sedona Community who will make things up and tell you you’re seeing things that you aren’t. One will even give you goggles that see two different locations out of each eye. They think their clients won’t notice. I can’t do that. When you get information from the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, you’re getting the best analysis that someone with ground, air, and space experience can give you. I’m a pilot, a scientist, a contactee, and see the world at 30 frames per second with a photographic memory, so I’m a good witness, and a good experiential historian.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide with goggles

I’m ready to answer your questions. Let’s settle your challenges, and provide you information that you need to get up your path toward ascension. On top of that, you’ll get to see UFOs with your own eyes, not just on my videos.

Make a reservation. Come on the tour. Ask me something…anything. It’ll be fun!