Every Adult Gets Their Own Goggle

Every adult gets their own goggle to use
Goggle and Laser Used on Sedona UFO Tour Guide Tour

Sedona UFO Tour Guide news: I know it seems to be common sense, but no other Sedona UFO tour operator provides a goggle for each paying customer. Sedona UFO Tour Guide uses 3rd generation Omni 6+ PVS-7 goggles. Without going to dual-tube units that cost over $7,000 each, this is the best military grade goggle you can find. In fact, it is so highly prized, that it is illegal to send any piece of it outside of the USA.

Some tours tell you that firepits used by campers are spaceships landing on nearby mountains. Some tours tell you that the ships we see can be brought down so we can “receive love from our space brothers.” Some tours tell you that it is too much of a strain for each adult to use a pair of goggles the entire tour. I say poppycock.

The Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide will give you no Bravo Sierra. I’m a scientist who worked for a decade on missile and satellite systems for the US DoD. With TS clearance and then some, I worked on pieces of technology that Reagan said we would use some day. He was saying that while we were building it.

See some of that technology in action. Come on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide‘s tour. Oh, and ask a question you’ve never been able to get the answer to. Michael will answer any question on any topic that isn’t “personal human history” in nature. You can ask about the non-existent big-bang, for instance, or about how birds fly, but not about what your Aunt did in 1976.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide news is with Michael right here.

Nightly Tours (Except When Raining)

The high desert is a wonderful place to see a clear sky. The nighttime view of the Milky Way is breathtaking just on the edge of town in Sedona. This is because Sedona is a Dark Sky Community, and city regulations keep too much light from ruining that clarity.

Many of the satellites and non-satellites that are seen through the night vision goggles are visible with the naked eye if there is some moonlight, and your eyes are very good. The difference is, even if you wear some significantly corrective lenses, you can see millions of stars in the sky every night through the PVS-7 night vision.

Sedona is already known for its unusual collection of energetic vortexes (or is that vortices?) It’s also known for battles that left many Natives dead, and many ghosts remaining. It’s also known for the Bradshaw Ranch, and I’ve even done analysis on video and photos on the TV show “The Investigators” (BBC Discovery) on that area.

Find out FIRST HAND if any of these legends are true. One thing’s for sure. If you come on MY tour, you’ll be seeing things!