The Fake Race War

Since the corona scam was exposed, and people stopped being afraid of a non-existent contagion, the left has now trotted out a fake race war. While people of all colors are killed and thrown about by corporate police all over the country, and have been since police were invented, the video with the convicted armed robber and porn actor being killed should not shock anyone. Yes, we have police abuse, and yes, we need to DO SOMETHING about it.

I’m not saying I’m against law enforcement. As long as there are criminals, there must be law enforcement. As a Constitutionalist however, I see Sheriffs (elected and answerable to the people) and his power to dynamically increase the force through Deputizing the local militia (everyone over 14 who can shoot a rifle and take orders) as the proper way to do it. Police are corporation employees who have no authority granted by the people. I even wrote a song about police brutality and militarization on the Wake Up album:

This post will continue to grow as I find videos to add. As with the post on the “virus,” I’ll keep the top video as the newest, and they’ll go back in time as you flow down on the page.

A message to Antifa (and the like) from Lousiana Law Enforcement…

Let’s see if Antifa is ready to fight men

Captured June 17th from a post by Brandon Tatum @theofficetatum, here is Damani Felder with an important message to everyone!

Damani Felder about BLM

This video from June 15 is from Katie Daviscourt. Black lady explains REAL Black culture to cultural appropriators.

Lincoln Karim shot this video in New York City. Who lit the fire in the police cruiser? Yep, the COPS. June 4, 2020

Chaziel Sunz – Former BLM leader – June 2020

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