SpaceBurban 1 - the vehicle that takes UFO Hunting to a whole new level

UFO Hunting went to a whole new level this week. The Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ just put SpaceBurban 1 on the road. This dual laser-cannon wielding GMC is ready every evening to show people space craft and defend against any attack. It is also carrying radar, signal analytics and AL the Alien passenger. If you see this bad boy on the road in Sedona, please give a honk-honk… you know, like the truckers in Canada do!

Speaking of Canada and the Demand for Freedom

Being aware of the attack on civil liberties and rights around the world is important for all of us right now. Globally, people by the 10s of millions are rebelling against draconian Marxist policies of lock-downs and forced (often) lethal injections. They are taking the call for freedom to a whole new level. Support for those doing the actual wheels-on-the-ground protest (while starting no fires or trying to kill innocent people like BLM did) can be done energetically as well as financially. Please give a moment of your time to pray for, or send positive energy to those going to the capitals and letting all of our voices be heard through their actions.

One new fascist move by Canada is the stealing of bank accounts. Those who support freedom over fear are being robbed by their government. I wouldn’t keep more than $100 in a bank account for more than 24 hours these days. You don’t own what you can’t put your hands on in 10 minutes.

Serious but Fun!

While Michael is a serious researcher/journalist with first-hand information from a group of extraterrestrials, and he is serious when it comes to what is actually going on in the current threat to the human race on planet Earth, he also likes to have fun. Book a tour when you’re in Sedona, and ask any question on any topic. He’ll give you data from ET that you might want to research and confirm.

If you want to experience UFO hunting at a whole new level, make your reservation by clicking this link.

Brought to you by Arizona UFO Tours.

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