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Saw a Spacecraft SHOOT a satellite!

On this tour, you’ll be using 3rd generation night vision googles, used by only 0.05% of the human race. You’ll meet the Sedona UFO Tour Guide and follow him in your car up to the Sedona Airport, perfect for viewing the nighttime sky. Only a few feet from your car the whole time, you’ll see planets when available, planes, satellites, and yes, I guarantee you’ll see UFOs. Spaceships are viewable every night a clear sky exists over Sedona.

What makes this tour extra-special, is that your Sedona UFO Tour Guide is a pilot, satellite/missile engineer, and is a contactee. As the tour is an all-questions-answered event, imagine the questions that will be asked! Get yours ready, as much of the tour’s direction is guided by the attendees’ questions. (See reviews)

At tour’s end, you have your car to go wherever you please. The Public tour doesn’t have more than 20 people, and usually has fewer than 10. Everyone gets to ask questions, and the answers are audience filtered if young ears are present.

For the PUBLIC tour, the cost is $100 per person (Zelle/PayPal), or 3 oz of .999 silver, or $80 cash and the tour is 60-90 minutes. Cool drum throne seating is provided. If you have a more comfortable chair, bring it!

Public Tour Seating
PERSONAL Tour Seating

If you are reserving the PERSONAL UFO TOUR,
then YOUR PARTY are the only ones there, I come to YOUR BnB or hotel in
Sedona/Cottonwood, and you are already where you want to be when the
tour is done! You can also meet me at the Airport for the best UFO spotting location in miles! Sitting in luxury, the cost is $150 per person, MINIMUM 3 ADULTS ($450), or 5 oz of .999 silver, or $125 cash per person when 4 or more adults are on the tour.
The tour is 60-90 minutes. Cancelling within 48 hours or no-shows will be charged a $250 fee for Personal tour. Advance deposit of $250 is required 72 hours prior, or the day of booking if
closer to departure time.


Nov 15 – Dec 25: 5:15pm
Dec 26 – Jan 12: 5:30pm
Jan 13 – 28: 5:45pm
Jan 29 – Feb 13: 6:00pm
Feb 14 – Feb 28: 6:15pm
Mar 1 – 15: 6:30pm
Mar 16 – Apr 5: 6:45pm
Apr 6 – 24: 7:00pm
Apr 25 – May 13: 7:15pm
May 14 – Jun 4: 7:30pm
Jun 5 – Jul 21: 7:45pm
Jul 22 – Aug 7: 7:30pm
Aug 8 – 19: 7:15pm
Aug 20 – 31: 7:00pm
Sep 1 – 11: 6:45pm
Sep 12 – 21: 6:30pm
Sep 22 – Oct 2: 6:15pm
Oct 3 – 13: 6:00pm
Oct 14 – 25: 5:45pm
Oct 26 – Nov 14: 5:30pm

Reserve your spot on a tour by FIRST selecting a date on the calendar, and filling out the form beneath. If you don’t get an email response from the system, please dial 602 485-9190 to be entered manually. No texts, calls only.

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