Almost every night, someone wants to know, “what is THAT one?” While I make it clear that I’m only 90% accurate in identifying different craft, there are moments where a SHAPE is detectable in the moving star. While most objects appear round, sometimes I can see an equilateral triangle shape, and other times, I can detect a dart shape. The SSP contains craft with both shapes, so when the speed, and changing of direction fit the concept, Occam’s razor would dictate that those are more likely SSP craft than extraterrestrial ships.

Then there’s those zig-zag paths covering 15 degrees of arc three or four times then zooming off into infinity. Ours? Not likely.

In just a couple of weeks, we should be getting release of information of some of our SSP craft. The seed has been dropped already. Don’t look to the #FakeNews for this info, though. It’s going to be released through Q, then disseminated throughout the social media. Will the #FakeNews MSM get involved eventually? Only after they fall!

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