What Can You Expect?

When you decide to pay for a UFO Tour, what do you expect from the experience? I promise you’ll see something you’ve not seen before, unless of course you are completely aware of the SSP and their movements in space. Many times, a craft NOT of this Earth is seen in the Sedona night sky. When a “star” zig-zags 3 or 4 times, then shoots off at a speed only comparable to shooting stars, there’s a really good chance that it is a craft not of this world.

What you CAN expect on a Sedona UFO Tour is to see much more than you’ve ever seen in a night sky if you’ve not had the opportunity to use generation III night vision equipment. The first word is “wow” and it only gets more descriptive from there. The various spacecraft spotted in an hour’s time is amazing. Want to see UFO’s yet?

95% of those who attend want to go again. Think that may be you? Then go the first time. Click the top of the sidebar to make a reservation. No money is taken until minutes before departure. This is because the weather can change in an hour’s time in the high desert, you don’t like to part with your money unnecessarily, and the boss doesn’t like refund fees.

When you’re done though, please be sure to leave a review on Trip Advisor, available as a link in the sidebar, just below the reservations link.

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